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Podcast Yearly Statistics

I was curious about these stats because of the #dogdaysofpodcasting  event and my recent return to a regular publishing schedule. Here are the number of shows I have published broken down by year:

2004:   64  (Started in August)
2005:   85  (First full year)
2006:   46
2007:   24
2008:   15
2009:   11
2010:   10
2011:    2 
2012:    5
2013:    41

What you can see from this is that in less than nine months of 2013, I have published more episodes than the previous four years, and I will soon surpass the previous five years. 

Admittedly, there are different scopes at play. 2010 and earlier tended to be longer episodes with music and more production. 2011 and later tend to be shows recorded in my car. There's a bit of an apple and orange situation, but I am pleased to be more prolific. It definitely sucked when I went to publish and episode and realize it had been six months since the previous one. 

Thanks +Kreg Steppe for giving me the kick in the butt I needed to get back on track!

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What is your main recording device these days, Dave?
Zoom H2 exclusively for some time. I don't even have a studio setup anymore. I just record with the Zoom while I'm my car, either driving or parked.
I said it on FB and I'll say it here too.

The Dog Days maybe gave you a little kick in the butt....but you are the one Podcasting! Rock on brother!
+Kreg Steppe  Thank you sir! It's funny, I have felt down about my lack of production for years. It wasn't until this small thing that I turned it into something actionable.
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