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Wonderful image, I love the skyline against those dramatic clouds, love the lights' reflection and the leading lines in the lower right corner. Great composition!
It's a stunning composition +Dave Sanderling and I especially like the look of the reflection of the lights on the water. They look somewhat like the flames of a fire!!

Thank you for sharing this with the MCM Theme!!
This is really fantastic! 
What a great shot! I love your leading lines.
Like the LE here Dave.
The lights stand out so well against the dark sky and the reflections add interest
Wow! that is stunning, well done +Dave Sanderling
Nalla J
Nice one Brother +Dave Sanderling!!!
Love the B&W tones, treatment, LE... Hell, what isn't there to love about this one???
Nice... :)
+Dave Sanderling this is such a great image.  My wife I are where just talking about Portland as a possible place to move if we return to the US. 
Fantastic shot - I love the lighting and reflections : )
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