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What would you do?

Moment of Truth

Thanks for sharing +Jason ON
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Without question I would yell & scream, do anything to distract the gunman & give the little girl a chance. What kind of society are we in that we reward people for watching & taking images instead of reaching out to another human being in need. But it happens and it sickens me whenever I see it. I would rather be remembered as a caring person than as a great photographer.
It would have been forgivable to have remained hidden if here was nothing she could have done to save the girl without getting killed herself, but I think there was something in the picture that shows the cold detachment of an external observer, that there was a choice made to not interfere, whether there was an opportunity or not.

I think that's what gets her in the end, making the choice to stay impartial.

Just my interpretation...
With every bit of strenght i have i would have the courage to tackle him somehow kick him in the balls screaming at the girl to run while im beating pulling the gun from him and saving my life and hers and take a picture after hes blown to the grown .I took a womens self defense class. i know at that moment it takes quick skillful thinking something i have. ;[
Yes Julia you said everylittle thought that ran through my mind and it was so disturbing..
I think that no one has the right to judge the behavior of the photographer!
She has made her decision. She has to live with the consequences.
Tammy i disagree shes there! she knows and to sit back and watch and photograph a child being executed is the ultimate disgraceful unhuman im going to stop now everyone and even you are entitled to your opinion it doesnt matter where your at its the whole situation that inferaites me. Job or not.
and had it been you ? not the photographer instead the child gun pointed right in your forehead and you saw me with terrifying crying eyes im holding camera as your looking at me what do i do next. i said it nothing else. not distract attack.
had i been the photographer, i think i would have froze the moment the girl looked at me and not have been able to do anything. I would like to think that by some humanistic instinct, i probably would have picked a rock or piece of rubble and threw it at the scene just to distract the gun man (then run away like crazy...) but i think the freezing and not doing anything is closer to the truth...
Unarmed against a man with a rifle? All you could do is die.Unarmed people are helpless people.
I thing that the must disappointing that
every buddy is happy for the winning photographer
and forget all abut the girl
1) throw the light meter at him...
2) duck for first found of fire...
3) throw the camera lense...
4) duck for second round of fire...
5) throw the camera....
hopefully the girl would have run away somewhere between 1-5
+samy hussain Life doesn’t work like a Hollywood movie. Had she intervened there would have been two bodies lying there.
This was alternately sweet - poignant, sad, horrific - and completely human.
i rather be dead than watch but i will die fighting.Actually im going to share an experience briefly why i dont know ..something burning inside of me i did stand before a shot gun so the other person doesnt get shot when i stood in front of the barrel they put it down and left everyone thought iwas out of my mind at the moment i didnt care i just didwhat i felt was the right thing everyone ran i stood and one other person screaming at me to run i didnt i was wearing a dress and heels leaving the event. thats all im going to say on this topic.
Really, people??? Thank you Samy, Tamy, ana, other sharing same idea! Anyway throughout history has never spoken of cowards but of the brave. I will go and die for it. again and again and again. 10k times.
The point of the story is that there was nothing she could do. Her only dilemma was whether or not to document the event. She did and it haunts her. stomach is in a knot after seeing this. So tragic because it is so real.
+Ana Calderon +Ernesto Acosta People are killed all the time and no one cares. Over 5000 people have died in Syria and no one has done anything to save them. If you were in that situation you would have done nothing except shake in terror.

It’s easy to talk tough when you don’t have to back it up with your life.
+kevin Johnson Please don't say "no one cares". It's just the Powerful who don't care. They see themselves as the natural predator of the human. They renounce their own humanity.

Don't give up on ours.
This is an absurd question and is indicative of how out of touch we are with our God. The only living God. The God that exists outside of time. The "I am". Jesus Christ lives and sees and he will be the judge of us all. He knows our hearts and our intentions. Most of all he offers to forgive us of all wrong.
internet, ah.. oh sweet, lovely internet, please comment if u agree
+A. David Perhaps I should have said ”No one that can do something about it cares.” Obviously people care they just can’t do anything to help.

My point is that no matter how much anyone would like to have saved that girl; without a firearm, no one would even try. Bravery doesn’t equal stupidity.
Thank You Ernesto Acosta and Sam Belhareth and Everyone on the same page as me.
The only fake about this short is the photographer running to cry in the bathroom at the end. I know the industry, it consists of ruthless, soulless bastards. That camera girl would go on stage waving like miss CA in real life, wiping tears of pride away, thinking how she's gonna spend that fat check.
This is a vid product with writers, actors, producers, no? Is this a possibility? From the emotional response point of view, this vid short does provoke emotion at a negative valence and medium arousal/agitation level.
No one is discussing who the soldier is and why he shot the child. It's interesting that he's called a "terrorist", yet it's inconclusive what side he is on or his motive in the conflict. We don't know if he intended to shoot the child, only that she startles him when he is in a very agitated state and he somehow comes to see her as a threat trying to force her bag out of her hands. We don't know what leads him to shoot the child, if it was an accident or a decision made.
It's all too easy to just label someone "terrorist" or evil without thinking of how fragile the human state is and how easy it is to hurt other people, either directly or indirectly. When we think that we are the good ones we have a harder time seeing our own faults and how we hurt other people (or animals, the environment et cetera). I am not making excuses for what he did, or for the photographer not helping, I just want to humanize the situation and point out that all of us turn our backs to something, every day.
What's more precious to you - winning a prize or saving someone's life? People are who they are - follower or leader; war or peace; good or bad. There are 2 sides to every coin...

Everyone who makes a response here, may have there own opinion & offer there own allegory.

I am pleased in the choices I have made & that makes me happy. This is a summary of many "religions", beliefs, actions - impacts & my own life. Everyone should be happy with their life.
Steven Robbins. But Jesus His Son was the Bravest of them all.
Hey Kris, Katrina,

I think this is reality, being a photographer you'l wait for the moment to come to capture it no matter what is it or how is it..!!! Chill this is just an short film. Hope you understand. !!!!
she could not celebrate// the girl was looking at her for HELP and she could do nothing but take the photos or she would also have been shot.. it is a great photo op but it will haunt her forever.. sad sad sad.. shows the reality of what our world has become :( .. how very sad and telling what our world has come to and will have to be corrected one way or another .. the universe will not keep accepting this kind of violence
we will all pay for it
Kevin. Johnson Its Obvious that your connection with this story and your emotions having nothing to do with this circumstance its unfortunate what has happened to innocent people children dying because of war -Terrorism the simple fact that he was pointing at her in the face with that shot Gun for the record had it been here or in a third world country in midst of a war i would stand by every word and action i have nothing to prove to you its me who i am and i know ME. Know its clear to me that Your A COWARD. PERIOD>
+Kris Galvach Do you honestly think that anyone would believe that you would attack a man with an AK-47 armed with nothing more than your indignation? You have virtual bravery.

How would you distract him? By getting shot?
damn that was sad but i would have risked my life for the child
...and then there's the highly dubious nature of the modern embedded "journalist".
About this rather interesting vid, What would you do if the Moon is made of blue cheese? An easier question, What would you do tomorrow if you were never born? Same with this vid... :-)
+kevin Johnson Is right. People are generally poor at predicting what they would do if they haven't been in a similar situation before.
+Remi Battaglia You can talk tough because you don’t have to back it up.

If you were confronted by a man with an AK-47 you would leave a trail of urine as you fled.
+Remi Battaglia Not at all. The literature is very clear on this. People consistently over-estimate how "noble" they would act. There is plenty of research on this. This is not about anyone in particular.
the grl eyes are saing that save me but at that tym she cant do any thing and she was best at her job but some time job is not the only thing
that was sad I would have thrown the camera at he guys face and punch him till he is knock out an save the child
The photographer would have had to come up with an effective plan of how to stop gunman, preferably without risking her own or the child's life. Throwing something at the gunman could have triggered him shooting the girl...
We want to believe that we could have made a difference, and that we would have tried to save the girl. In a perfect world we would have succeeded. In reality, even if we are brave, it's not all clear if we could have done anything, if it would help or just make things worse.
So, I guess you have to be sure that you actually would help the girl before trying anything...all this under pressure, not knowing if the gunman will shoot or not.
+Tammy McLeod Your point seems to hold though, it does seem that she pauses, considers what to do and then distances herself from the girl not taking responsibility for what will or will not happen.
+Remi Battaglia Research shows that if people are asked if they would help a stranger in need (such as someone being attacked, with them being the bystander), more than 9 out of 10 people say that they would help. When tested by the experimenters, only less than 1 out of 10 actually does anything. You are quite correct that I don't know anything about you, so I do not know whether you are one of the 1 or one of the 9 - my statement is about people in general.
Kevin Johnson I dislike What you stand for But Even Mules have a place on this Earth.!
I think the entire video is a script based shoot and not a real life event. It was realistic in terms of acting. I don't think any one should be concerned with capturing the scene instead of saving the person. The subsequent act of society such as holding an award ceremony to clap, laugh, and enjoy this clip, is equally deplorable however much it may be an act that is meant to draw global attention against such atrocity. The decent thing to do, if any, would be for the photographers to remain anonymous and not seek recognition and glory for themselves personally.
this female photographer can not have a good sleep again...she will keep suffering for kid's face and body
FOR THOSE WHO ARE ASKING - +Jason ON originally posted this - and - the name of the movie is called "ONE HUNDREDTH OF A SECOND" made by Pistachio Film Productions -- and you can download the HD version from ITUNES - these are the copies made on Youtube....

It won tons of awards in 2006 - 2007 for short films...
Ah the superhero's behind their computer saying they would have done something and arguing about it online. If you would do something, then give up your computer and go do it. No point arguing about it if you won't back up your talk. Go face that guy with his AK-47 and only have your camera. I salute those who do go and fight, and roll my eyes at those who are wanna be e-hero's. Being a photographer, the video was good. Got the point across. Not everyone with a camera is a ruthless, heartless jerk like many here have portrayed photographers to be.
If I were shooting as a journalist - I would not intervene. But I would not be comfortable living with a scenario like that.
Shooting my own work, I would do whatever I could accomplish.
When I shoot people I am always aware of the context. I have gotten some famous people in compromising moments, which I have not made public out of respect for the fact that they let their guard down with me.
I agree with many that the photographer could probably contribute nothing by attacking the robber besides a black nose and another dead body. However, the photographer's actions after the events were easily avoidable. If I were the photographer, the first thing I would do with those pictures would be to show the world what horrible things were going on, and attempt to stop further chaos. The actions of this photographer AFTER the event, she submitted the picture as if she didn't care that a life was sacrificed just for a series of photographs. If I were her, I would make those photographs do something.
Wow... One more ignorant person come right on board you heartless unsensitive cowards.!.everything is obsurd whether its a play or an act its a senseless one.on the photographer.!!
What a powerful commentary on the state of the world today. BUT let's not forget that this is a fictional scenario that was ACTED so perhaps slagging off at each other merely proves the point this movie meant to make???
Throw that one on me and i throw the bible at you!! ! Really Christianity you dont have a clue figure it out !! And My Time i wont regret here discussing something i firmly believe in helping others . Now i will Excuse Myself to everyone im not one to go back and forth with this thing with no face!creep.
I Really Said everything i felt. know i Have a Dinner to attend with Real Intellectual Men.GOODBYE !
I don't think there's any good answer to the question. I'd almost be asking the question, "what do I do?" and coming up blank. I don't think she could have saved the girl. I don't know how I feel about her absorption in what she was doing to the point of overlooking the tragedy of the situation and the desperation.

I think the point of the short was to demonstrate how the shame was with her even if she did win an award for the shot, sort of like lady MacBeth's bloody hands never washing clean.
I don't know if any of you remember this, but the video shows similar real life story of a photographer in Africa. He shot a picture of a starving child who was crawling to get to the Red Cross camp. The child was beyond tired, he looks like skeleton, there were also several eagles waiting to feast on him once he stopped moving. The photographer took the picture and left the scene. And no one knows what happened to the child after that. The picture became a major success just like in this video, but 3 years later, the photographer commuted suicide. That's just the thing I want to share today. 
throw a stone to the gunman at least.....
Very powerful video. I don't think I would have been able to stand by and watch without running in. I have children myself and standing by and watching someone shoot a child and not trying to help is not a thought I understand.
Wow, there is some terrible grammar in this thread of comments, sad video tho. I think it speaks to the hurt of people who are aware of what they have and the helplessness they feel to do anything about what others do not have, be it a roof over their heads or safety and the option to live their life in relative security where they have a chance to rise up and determine their own path instead of being shot dead over something they don't even understand. It also speaks to the disparity between sectors of society that function only to be entertained and those that are fighting merely to survive. As for those who have fought and seen horrible things, I feel for you too, many soldiers are great people, I have friends who are, it's terrible that we as a society require the service of great people to go and witness such terrible things while they fight for the causes of our governments be those causes noble or otherwise. We all make choices though, some good and some bad, and we live with those choices, that's an inescapable truth that rises to the top in this video. So, we should do the best we can to make good choices as we continue to walk through life instead of harping on our bad ones that we can't change. It's also useless to hypothesize about choices we won't make when there are important ones with equal impact that we can make everyday if we are attentive, in other words, don't tell me what you would do to make a difference, think about what you have done and tell us what you will do.
+Kevin Qing You're assuming a lot from the video. There are photography awards that do not require the submission by the photographer. Assuming the photographer submitted the photos to her employer or a magazine or even newspaper, then she becomes eligible for quite a few awards, including a Pulitzer.
She is looking to the photographer for help and human compassion.
As long as people are taught/told that there is nothing they can do, that is what they'll do - nothing. The only way to know the outcome of your actions is to act. Yes, there may have been two dead females. There could possibly have been two live ones instead - not just one. We will never know now.
devastatingly disturbing and soul shattering.......
Million die nobody know, one die million cry.
Something. I pray I would have done something to distract this man. Anything to give this child a chance. Anything other than what this photographer did.
To all the +kevin Johnson 's and all the +Tammy McLeod 's, I'm sorry for you people, for your life is worthless as is all selfish people. Moment of terror my arse, we see these acts of heroism all the time, if you think that you shouldn't do anything just beacause there's a chance you would die, you are a waste of space on this earth, you should just crawl under a rock and spend the rest of your life counting your valuables...

And yes I have helped people without regard to my life and will do over and over, and thank God there are more of us than more of you, because otherwise no one would be saving your behind if you were in trouble...

and +kevin Johnson , you are a coward so stop making excuses and telling people about real life, how many people have you seen getting shot right in front of you? how many toddlers died in your hands? how many two year olds have you pulled from water tanks? I suggest you shut your mouth and stop spreading your negativity around, it is people like you and the photographer in the clip that are the cancer of humanity, SHAME ON YOU!
wow, first I'll be packing myself ...second that picture would be the guy lying on the ground instead of the little girl... yes I'm that good with firing a weapon. Had lots of practice for 23 years. :)
BTW, The plane would have hit The White House if there was nothing that could have been done.... #justsayin
+kevin Johnson Why did you jump out of perfectly good aircraft? was to have a chance to help someone? How about you afford others the same courtesy of that mindset and stop bad-mouthing everybody? You don't know what anybody else would do in that situation, just as you don't know what you would do. You might very well have done nothing in that situation (and I believe that), and the very ones you bad-mouth may well have done something - and that girl might be alive today because of it.
Intuitively thought provoking. No numbers in that situation.
it really gets me thinking what would I have done in that same situation?
Fuck that photographer and her award. This video made me angry. I just had my first baby girl 11 months ago and all I could think of was her. Throw a rock ,throw your camera, something, don't just watch her die, even less photograph it.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
You guys are focusing only on the things the photographer did wrong. You need to also look at the fact that this child can live forever in our memory. This is a very moving and powerful motivator. While it is a crushing and saddening picture, it also shows something that happened (hypothetically). I'm with those of you who said she should have done something, but this is something isn't it? No one who saw this will ever forget the girl and what happened to her.
It would be worth dying to at least do SOMETHING to try to save the girl, even if unsuccessful. How can you do nothing? So many say you would have done the same thing. Sadly, I believe that's true.

What would I have done? Probably have gotten myself killed. But not nothing. I'm sure no one believes that, but I've done it before... put myself in an unsafe situation because it was the right thing to do. Not to this extreme, but still.
omg. talented photographer,no doubt,but the mother in me could not have stood and photographed this girls' murder were there any way to stop the shooter. I want to say I would have tried to push the gun away and sacrificed my own life,but am I that strong? None of us know without being in the situation.
I'm a bit lost over the whole point of this short film. Is it to reflect upon what we would do in this circumstance (ie:shock and awe) or to help promote an awareness of these atrocities and the inhumanity going on around the world? Violence is a constant then as it is now.
Ok so did I miss something?? We never actually see if she tries to help the girl or not... Maybe between the time we see her taking a photo and the award she tried to help her. Can you say for sure?? When you point a finger at somebody there are 3 pointing right back at you!
That being said this film left me with tears ( I'm a parent) questioning who and what I am and how I can make my world, the world, a better place. I hope this film leaves others inspired to find the strength within and strive for a better, peaceful tomorrow.
Eddie Pradel - Totally agree with you, I have a 6 year old girl and that is exactly what was going on through my head as well when I was watching that clip. I just hope to never be put into that situation but I would hope that the better of me would come out and to sacrifice the ultimate, even it that would meas to just distract the bastard to so the innocent can escape.
that was a really nice video lol!!
+Sarah Dick Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something when doing something has worse consequences. In a hostage situation it may be better to stand down than to attack the hostage taker. Ponder that the photographer doesn't know when and if the armed man will shoot the child. Her doing something could endanger the child further. It's well and good being brave if you only risk your own life.
That said, I sympathize with what you are saying and I too hope that I would be willing to risk my life to help save someone else.
WOW - you guys are really arguing over a choice?

Seriously - POINT #1 This is a movie
Point #2 - none of you know what you would do until faced with it.... EVEN IF YOU HAD DONE SOMETHING BEFORE --- that moment in time is UNIQUE...
#3 - Journalists/Photographers are NOT supposed to get involved. That is what gives them the RIGHTS to be in places most people cannot go. They are given "FREEDOM" in countries where freedom is not allowed to be uttered.

They are there to CAPTURE - and WITNESS - the passing of events to record and document for history... That is their jobs... And if every journalist starts getting involved (photographer, filmer, etc.) Then we will lose all of that...

And when did you ALL decide that the ONE girl - was worthy of saving against all the other people being blown away in the streets?

Because she was young? Because she was cute? Because --- WHAT?

I don't see you complaining that the photographer didn't save all those other people out there - getting shot at or blown up...

But this child - because it pulled at your heartstrings --- which the movie INTENDED you to feel - you are up in arms about this?

Interesting.... (I neither agree - nor disagree - I am merely pointing out some facts that you must look at before you start fighting amongst each other... )

Here is what I wrote on the original poster's post:


I think that - if I were a photographer - put into that position... It might have been difficult.

News teams must document... They are our historical logs for the future. They are our news that we rely upon.

In that particular scenario - the photographer could have been killed... and the child killed as well.

The terrorist was killing - period.

She documented that girl - and gave her death meaning - instead of just being another body strewn across the rubble of war or fighting.

The girl - knew she could not be helped she did not scream out - but she also knew that the photographer saw what was happening... and the photographer documented it.

A way of preserving history.

Very sad... the story itself... because there is NO RIGHT --- NO WRONG...

Either way you go - would be wrong.

As to her heart - you saw it break... (at least the actress portrayed it as such).

To me - this was a well done film piece... very poignant - and sad.

But we - as a society want news - we want what is happening documented. She was in a place where things like that happen all the time... Human life - becomes nothing at some point - you become cold... Look around at the fighting you saw --- the death around --- she was documenting it - not getting involved in it.... But this one piece - caused her to become emotionally involved.

Unlike the other strewn about bodies...

So - yes - the story was good.

Sad - and human.


You cannot - in the end blame the journalist / photographer for not getting involved - and for capturing the moment on film...

It would give the rest of the world - historical information about the TRUTH of what is going on - in places they cannot go... Like war zones....

In the end - if we allow journalists and photographers to get involved - there will be no documentation of history - because they will not be allowed anywhere....

They cannot meddle.

They can however - document.... and show.....

And - to be honest - You all are fighting about what? A movie????
only for the private benefits we take photographs but we don,t dare atleast to help a child, its shockin'
Jay Tee
While it may seem that distracting the soldier is the right thing to do, there's too many unknown factors to determine the actual result. As much as I'd like to save the little girl, had I been in the same situation, I probably would have done the same thing as the photographer in the video. The only difference is, I probably won't have used it to win an award. It would probably be sitting in my private collection serving as a memoir showing the cruelty of war.

To be fair, I don't think that it's right to just label the photographer as inhumane for just taking the picture or the soldier as a terrorist for shooting the girl. For the most part, what goes through a person's mind at that very moment differs based on their background. The photographer may be thinking that since she can't do anything, why not document the moment with her camera. For all we know, her intention at that very moment may be pure, and what ultimately happened when her oringinal intention was charred by the dark side of society's social norm was not her fault. As for the soldier, with such intense setting, it's normal for him to assume anyone a threat. For all he knows, the little girl may be holding a bomb. The little girl is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think, based on my perception, if the girl would have given up what she was holding instead of wrestling with the soldier for it, she probably would live. Again, what goes on inside the girl's head at that time that compelled her to hold on to it is what most likely sealed her fate.

The video showed the realty of a war. Quite frankly, there's only one thing that should be looked at. The problem with the way people perceives things. It sickens me to think that a picture of an innocent victim would win a "Best Photographer of the Year" award rather than a news headline winning supports to end war. It also sickens me to see people clapping and congratulating rather than thanking the photographer to bring the truth forward and taking the moment to mourn for the death of all the innocent bystanders. Today's society is sick and needs help.
I think the photo at the end of the award ceremony isn't really the one she took to win. I think any photo from her collection would bring up only the tragic memories of the brave little girl and she is being haunted by it every day.
flatin the middle east, nuke it, please do something, they are coming and they WILL take us down.
we have poor children and people that need help, for the love of us all lets help us and be the ones who survive, for once do the strong and right thing, nuke the fucs please I beg you
Ahaha! I actually find the comments of all the Rambo-wannabe pretty amusing. If half of them were half true, we would not need an army or a police force, because most of us would fight armed robbers and criminals bare-hands, Chuck Norris style.Were I the photographer, I would have used a bigger lens so that I could take the picture from much further away. And I would have slept like a baby, since it is not my fault if life in those places is worth nothing and the girl would have been dead with or without me being there. If you can't live with it, don't become a war-reporter.

P.S. The famous reference is clear:

Eddie Adams is the photographer and he did win a Pulitzer with that picture. He was a great war-reporter, he covered almost 15 wars and the most important images we have of the Vietnam war are mainly due to him: if we know how horrible it was, it's also because of him, and people like him.
i have friend who is a news photographer.he watch a car accident (he is the solo witness) but beside of helping them he did his job,shoot for pictures.then suddenly the car with a family inside burn.they he live with guilt.
so nice ......................its a right
She is suffering in the moment she wished to make her's by clicking those photographs
hi man, vey touching, can i know which is this movie
Camera versus gun, the only thing she can do is take the picture in order to bring attention to the ordeals children face in war. Otherwise, there likely would be two dead and no photo. The photo is like this video, if it didn't exist, people wouldn't know about it and debate over it.
nothing is bigger than our falls dumb wen it speaks....
+Daniele Tancredi Yes, but...a lot of those photographers do, in fact, suffer post-traumatic type stress. To various degrees, but still...
Nata m
Great video. so sad reality
+guns hsing I agree. I said in the comment earlier that if the reporter was soulless enough to act like that during the little girl's execution, then it's unrealistic that she would be crying in the bathroom instead of grabbing her award.
I have only to say that after this, she never finds a peace in her soul ,she will always choose between herself and girl, ...always, but in her mind, soul, thoughts. All of us can go crazy with this
Good advice +samy hussain about throwing objects or even just words of warning...terrorists, like thieves, gravitate to the path of least resistance...they will steal a life or a wallet that nobody is watching rather than risk being caught in the act.
What I find interesting, is that up to this point no one has commented on the collectivist mentality that was needed for the situation to happen in the first place.

Collectivism is a declaration of war on the individual. It was collectivism that gave the criminal the idea that he had the right to kill the girl in the first place, no different than in any government.
Um, not to put too fine a point on it but...
You people do realize this is fake, right? There is no photographer. There is no little girl. This is sensationalized glurge that does nothing to further the understanding of the situation or raise awareness of any kind.
All this does is present us with a sensationalized situation that would never happen and force us into Pyrrhic choices that help no one.
It would have been better to receive the award of 'Brave Woman' than 'Best Photographer' by saving the girl from the Killer.
+Henry Padilla Art does imitate life...I pleaded to stop the plot that hit us on 9/11 and the one that almost hit us in August 2006. We DO have choices to make, all of us, very similar to the one she faced.
+Henry Padilla I've tried, but in vain. It has far gone into a thousand imaginary scenarios of how people would spring into action to help the child, people call this a "video"... people suggest to nuke Middle East, although the people in the short and the made up dialect in no shape or form resemble that of Middle Eastern origin... It's madness, madness I tell'ya!
Too many times people are busy taking photographs or Videos of the suffering of the people and in the process forget to help the people who's story they are trying to get out. I remember in Katrina coverage the media was there filming while people were going hungry and thirsty and i wondered did they offer these people any help? Because i am pretty sure the Journalists were well supplied with food and water...but from what i gathered from one of the TV anchor's comments was that, they were not doing is like they insert themselves in a situation record the situation while staying inert or not interacting with the environment...just like silent observers...
This is a story of two wrong choices. Three, if we count the photograph being chosen for the award. But it's a powerful movie.
Many of us like to believe that we would help but until we are actually put into that situation for real we never truly know ourselves. There is a moment when the photographer lowers the camera and you get the impression that she wants to help. She evaluates the situation and realizes that she values he own life more than the girls. People do this everyday around us. Not reporting crimes, failure to act when we know we see something wrong. Look at the state of the world we live in. Perhaps things are nice and rosy where you are but it's not the same everywhere. And what do we do? We watch on TV. Everyone one of us is the reporter because we are not actively involved in helping solving the problems of our world today. We sit and we argue on the internet about what we would do if we were there but we are not there. If our beliefs and values mean so much to us perhaps we should be there. Perhaps everyone one of us should put down our camera and help the little girl but we don't. Children are being harmed all over the world everyday. They are starving and without food but what do we do. We go to movies and parties and get drunk in nightclubs. I am sorry people but we do nothing to help and all this talk does nothing to help because the problems are still happening and they are happening right outside your door. I believe in the good of mankind but I also see that good fading away as we submerge ourselves into technology and gadgets. People are so focused on whats happening on their cell phone that they don't see whats going on around them. All this tech is distracting us from our humanity. We care more about virtual worlds than the world we live in. Rant and rave all you like but this is the truth.
+Frederik Schwarzer "Are photographers who do not help doing the wrong thing?"
If you can help and do not, YES you are doing the wrong thing!
Nothing, hear me, nothing, is as important as saving a human life. Nothing is as important as saving ANY life.
Just think about it for a second or 3...
Ethically speaking, no person is obligated to any other person unless they have taken that obligation upon themselves. If you see a car rolling out of control down a street and a person in the road, you are not obligated to push that person out of the way.

The photographer is not obligated to help the girl either. She is not wrong. Add to that, the photo may do much more good than does a humanitarian gesture. At most, by hand, she would have stopped a single terrorist. An idea though, can stop a hundred.

Personally, I'm in the I would have done something to save the little girl directly, but I was a soldier. I joined to help people because I believed that was right, but the ethical choices I made for myself can't be forced on another person.
If the photographer attempt to save the girl ... She will be the good photographer even the no photo is there.
When one dies, we all die. I think the video is saying this. Something has died within the photographer. But there is hope! We don't really know what she will do next.........! There is judgement AND redemption!
One cannot say unless one is you.
You don't think maybe had she stopped that one gunman and the girl ran off she wouldn't run around the corner into a guy more trigger happy? Or maybe into a blast of a bomb?

Even if she survived that day would she have frozen to death with no home to return to? Would she starve? Would she ever see family again; maybe just as dead and dust encrusted as she ended up in the short.

Kris mentioned the girls right to a childhood, what sort of childhood do you think is available in Syria or Afghanistan or much of Africa where 10 year olds wield the guns, especially for a little girl?

Better she died clean and fast and was used to communicate to the western world to inspire horror and disgust and spur us into caring than wasting the moment.

Cold yes but that's the reality. 
This is just sick and wrong. Who glorifies hatred And cold blooded murder by making a movie of it? Tasteless.
O come on I can say what would I do cuz some of us don't care about the f*#$%# awards. This last picture doesn't help anybody but the photo reporter. And yes we need to get involved with an action. I would say this is a good film to think about all reporters that only report.
No one can can say unless it was you at that moment in that situation. Even if u answered now, it still might not possibly be the correct answer. Cause everything is calm now. At that moment ...... ?
Thats what I dont understand about war photographers.. They need to choose between saving a life or to earn that "perfect" recognition from not doing so, by being a mute spectator.
crossing the limit of cruelty, what kind of heart of terrorists
The guy would have shot her too. In that situation I would have shouted or thrown something..
Chan Li
Yeah ,both of them were shooting the little girl .
We should all take a good long thought about our own mortality. One day we will all die and there is nothing that can be done about it. And the rich and the famous are no exception. Why on earth would people hurt and kill each other in the light of their own inevitable death is beyond me. Death will take everything from your hands, all the money, all the power... Start thinking about your death to live a true, rich life full of love.
very sad and this is what happening today out there. someone death is others success................... :(
+Paw Damsgaard you can turn this off by going to what's hot and then turning down the volume control so that no posts are shown in your stream. Contact me if you have trouble doing this
I could say I would try to stop the terrorist, or even say I know I would die protecting the girl. But the truth of the matter is I hope to never find myself in that position, any one of their positions, cause I expect I would be frozen in fear, just like ' The Girl'. I am sad to say.
That girl may be alive but unfortunately those things happen every day. In some shape, form or fashion.
I will at least atempt to save the girl... It is easier then crying rest of my life... for not doing that...
I couldn't just sit back and watch. if you had any kind of the soul. that would haunt you for the rest your life. it's no prize winning material. it's a guilty conscience. it should be treated as a message that a reporter should only have to give wants a situation that your in did you didn't have the strength to handle on your own. so you did the best that you could. you took pictures in you told. so that some nation who was strong enough could see and do something about it. not everybody strong enough to stare down the barrel of a gun. but you got the message to the people. and that's were the powers hold strength. people cannot frown upon you no reward you if they sit back and do nothing as well . you alone can admit that you weekend as 1. the weakness of 1 that shares with the mini to find strength to change is rewarded with respect and understanding not personal pride
Why was that photographer shooting the child and the gunman doing the same?
when your story outweighs the needs of the people that are in it that's when you cross the line
The bigger question is "What was she thinking?" by not doing anything and then submitting the picture. I'm not sure she got what she deserves for putting her career before the life of a child.
brian m
I think most people would have at least tried to plead with the gun man and I don't think any decent person would have attended a vanity show to collect some stupid trophy when you knew that someone died for you to receive a shiny object.
Sadly this happens every day in our cities. It usually isn't photographed, but many people see many murders every day and choose to do nothing. When someone is shot in a tavern after a fight and there are no witnesses? Nothing attracts a crowd like a fight. For better or worse, this happens. How many people walk by an injured person before someone helps? How many cars watch an accident right in front of them and drive right around without looking to see if they can help?

Too many people look away because they don't want to get involved. Thank God for the people that choose to help. Even if you train for this, there is no telling how you respond, or how quickly until it happens to you. In this example, what if the noise of putting down her camera, or even an unintended grunt would have startled the terrorist enough to jerk the trigger? What if he was only trying to scare the girl? Too many if this, if that's. Bottom line is you will never know until you're there.
Mark L.
Often, the perpetrators of such attrocities would go free for the rest of their lives if it weren't for the fact that someone managed to capture the evidence of the act on camera.

Not saying that's utopian...but it is the world we live in.
The photographer is cricized here, but the terrorist is not...definitely an interesting manifestation of our reluctant acceptance of how this world really is.
I saw the photos of Paris Hilton, I didn't realize she was that pretty. That white lace looked great.
Well,three persons and one situation,with even moe complicated heart beats,which happens almost anywhere in the middle east or say the areas trampled by the modern civilization.
What a terrible video, not only does it needlessly reenforce stereotypes, but any decent human being should have done something.
What is the point?
the fact is she was doing her job and if it was real it might have changed the course of that conflict and saved countless lives

when people able to do something to help someone in everyday life dont its pure shame on humanity

but in war all rules are thrown away
you fight against the shame of war in every way you can
but as a intelligent human you must way the circumstances and the greater good

i would have lived to fight another day
made sure her sacrifice was well known and her name and released it anonymously
journalist that attempt to photograph the wars have the most difficult job
and all should be praised and considered hero's
and just like spy's and undercover agents they have difficult choices
Mark H
Barry, are you a journalist in a forein country ? No I didn't think so. And you being "the decent human being" would be laying beside her with a bullet hole in your temple as well. That's the point you requested
Movie or not, it's most disturbing that so many here would sit back and watch this happen, without even trying to do anything - giving up before it's even started. It's a sad commentary on what people have become, caring about themselves no matter what is going on around them or the ramifications. This is the attitude that causes nations to fall. Many posters here would consciously and willingly sit back and do absolutely nothing - as long as they get to live. (...for now.) Every inaction has much greater and far-reaching consequences than action. Evil plays on that - and as demonstrated here, it works quite long as people are overrun with selfishness and care about nothing but themselves.
I am seriously troubled by this
Folks, it's FAKE. The picture of the dead girl with a bullet hole in her forehead would be deemed offensive and surely would not win any kind of public award.

As for what the photographer should have done, she doesn't know whether or not the gunman is going to shoot until he does.

Again, the whole thing is bullshit, anyway.
Wow it really makes you think. I pray that I world make the correct decision, but who knows until you are tested
Lets pray that this type of war and chaos does not happen here in the USA.
Joe Yin
beautiful girl
Powerful short there. What would i do ? hopefully save the girl but ...
Btw reporters are there to report not interfere so should she have ? Bit of a moral question.
It goes to show that when someone has to make a split second decision involving life and death, the people who judge afterward are given the luxury of time to form their own opinions...
Thank you Göran Sernhed for your words. I wanted to say the same and could not articulate my thoughts as well as you did.
Soo moving and touching of ones soul.. saddened...
+Kris Galvach - It's very easy to state what we would do without the stress of all the elements present in a life or death situation. As an instructor (and licensed carrier) for Concealed Handgun Licensing, it becomes too easy to discuss scenarios and what ifs and dissect events that have actually occurred. Until you are in that moment, heart beating and breathing, hearing, seeing, smelling everything going on around them, NO ONE can absolutely tell you would they would (or wouldn't) do.

Our Military and Law Enforcement professionals are trained in scenarios (and exposed to the real situations) repeatedly so that their response is more muscle memory and instant recognition than thought process and analyzation because of the extremely miniscule amount of time the situation presents. That said, there are many instances where someone didn't react or act on their training.

Only when you are on the other side of the situation do you know what you would have done - you did what you did based on anything and everything affecting the moment.

It's been said humans have 2 modes - fight or flight. I was greatly educated yesterday when someone clarified there is a 3rd mode - freeze. When one becomes overwhelmed by the circumstances, they could not react or act at all...
I would have at least Thrown my camera at him!
To everyone placing judgment on the photographer, she did what training and repetition has conditioned her to do, just as a Soldier or someone else would have done.

I feel the group who made the movie did an incredible job in pulling us in emotionally and getting to core reactions.
This movie is designed to mine one's emotions and it seemingly has done a good job on many of you :) Problem is, how can one tell whether a photo is real or staged? This is the nature of propaganda and history is littered with such examples. A prime reason why we should never get militarily involved in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations. Think, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Somalia, etc... .
+Kris Galvach I hope you never have to face a situation like this to find out what you would or wouldn't do
Wow! Photogs are supposed to be non-combatants. But if a child looks to you for help, as this one obviously did, what course do you take? I've never been in a similar situation. Can't say what I'd do. Hopefully, though I'd try distracting the gun-shooter...and probably wind up with two deaths instead of just one. Hard, hard call. Playing unarmed Rambo against an AK-47 is easy to fantasize about.
its of no use to cry over spilt milk and do always the deeds which are benificial for others as A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED
Like I said +Meki Cox, you're stupid, you just proved it! Human Life should be worth more than anything, obviously not to idiots like you...
This can't be real,and if it is then why didn't both the photographer and the camera person do something??Who are the morons clapping at the photo of the little girl with the hole in her skull anyway?
I don't believe that any of you would have done anything different. A journalist who ends up in a war zone has already dedicated themselves to the story first. If she had done anything else, she and the girl would both be dead.
+Daniele Tancredi Nicely put, good reference, and your spelling and grammar are excellent! 80% of the posters here must be non-English speakers! It is a tear-jerker, an exercise in emotional pornography. I do not need a video to know children should not be shot in the face, or slapped, or starved, or otherwise abused. It is going on in good old U ESS AYE daily. Old people too. Suffering of other is evidently entertaining to some. One in four, I believe, are suffering from some emotional disorder among us. Many posted here.
OK +Fawad Mastoi since you're so heroic, why aren't you jumping in amongst all the dead bodies in the start? Why aren't you complaining and saying you're Superman and can save the world.... for those poor people?

Oh wait - because what? ---- -Oh that's right.... It's a MOVIE....

Not only that... dude (chick - or whatever you are...) you're the one in here calling people "stupid" etc. LMAO. Proves by far your intelligence factor... which means, if dealt a situation like this... you'd run headlong into the bullet flying fray.... suffer oh.... say.... 30 bullets to the torso... and you'd keep charging like a dense bull... Because you're Superman!

And of course - keeping to the movie roll - because your duty is to pass on the TRUE information to the world, so that they can stop injustice and fight inequality.... but if they don't know the truth... they cannot fight the corruption.... the assault of humanity....

And you dying..... with your camera falling to the ground.... crushed.... you do not pass on the information - the REALITY of the situation of war - documentation of all things ----- you have forsaken the rest of the world - KNOWLEDGE - of the corruption, death and destruction - that they could have prevented - if they had just known about it... as it leads to world destruction..... and voila --- EVERYONE dead - because that one guy.... that one girl...... changed time as we know it....

All because you Fawad.... played hero for one ---- instead of for the billions that need your information to make a change.

#doubletroll billing for you +Fawad Mastoi
I have a story on the back of my toilet door. It is about a man walking along the beach throwing starfish back into the water and another man seeing this said, why are you bothering, there are thousands of stranded starfish on the beach how can throwing a few back change anything. The first man looked along the beach, then looked at the starfish in his hand and said, "it matters to this one."
Wow +Meki Cox I'm speechless at your story, cool story, except you don't know what I have been through and how many dead bodies I have held in my hands. So hashtroll me as much as you want, I have no respect for idiots like you or your fairy tales!
hahahaha +Fawad Mastoi It wasn't a fairytale - any more than the movie above, which you so eloquently just got upset about... Your very words bespeak exactly my point. "YOU" (personally --- you) have no idea about anyone in here - you have no concept what each of us has done... Yet you dare call them things... based on your own presumptuous attitude. (Makes you a troll in my book).

I see you also have no value for other people's opinions, regardless if they vary from your own limited perspective. (Makes you a troll, yet again.)

That you take people's opinions "personally" from online engagements speaks volumes about your maturity level (Troll behavior and emotional level) - the fact that you resort to name calling based on your own set of linguistics, knowledge and personal experience, tells me that you're insecure in your own knowledge - and that you have no other way to discuss options (again... shall I dare say it? "TROLL" markings all over that one.)

Look - the movie above is simply that... a movie... A few of us online have been in rough situations or extreme situations - and some of us have not...

Regardless - the truth of the matter is - I've seen veteran cops FAIL to react (even those who had previously) in the heat of a moment.... Even though they had been involved multiple times before - in gunfire exchange...

I have seen military personnel - become frozen in the heat of battle... Even if they had killed many times before....

I have seen the results of a 4 year old child take on a raging, doped out maniac - without care to self or surroundings... after the maniac murdered the mother with a hammer.

I've heard tales of "freezing in time" or action. I've heard heroics... Truth is My dearest Troll +Fawad Mastoi - none of us knows what will happen until the "REAL" moment strikes... and the decision must be made... and our bodies respond properly, dumping the right set of hormones, adrenaline, etc and we either move - or become silent, bystanders - just watching....

This was a movie - that, in my opinion - gave no right way to choose... No way out.... no option... You can say whatever you want.... but there is always a reaction to an action. And every reaction is unique. To criticize those who have an opinion that differs from yours - based on your "supposed" future reaction (add "Psychic Troll" to list) about a movie theme - and to suggest that you're far superior.... suggests your lack of actual superiority.

Go back to your cave, little boy, you've just been served.
+kevin Johnson and everyone else who thought the photographer could do nothing.... SHE HAD a FLASH -- talk about disabling someone - a flash in the eyes will give you enough time to get away. Not one person has mentioned the use of a flash!
wink I get tired of it too - when a person cannot discuss legitimate opposing opinions without name slinging, or getting vicious - it is time to label them as troll - or it is time for them to step away from the computer for awhile. Emotions can run hot on sensitive topics - regardless of the reality - however, when people in a COMMUNITY express those opinions, regardless of agreement to them, no one should expect such vulgar action.

Our inaction to expose - or to sit quietly watching it - is much like this photographer. A choice one must make.

I choose to politely, if not indifferently, tell those who partake in activity that treats others badly based on opinion, or chooses to instigate flame wars based on online communication content. Because, believe it or not..... gasp (grin) there are real human beings with real emotions on the other side of the computer / video / phone screen....
+Joe Jordan Thanks for clarifying Joe, but I knew you didn't mean me. I also wanted to tell the 2 people calling each other names to go AWAY or grow up! ;-)
+Jason ON I'm afraid, if you want a lot of comments on a post, you need to have someone "famous" like +Dave Powell to share it. Seems that this social networking site only works well if you have name recognition, otherwise, you get lost in the shuffle. (One of my serious complaints with how G+ is organized. )
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