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My minimalist Digital Workflow...

What's your workflow?
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Thanks Dave! It's nice to know how someone else handles their workflow. I'm afraid mine is not quite as minimalist!
+Dave Powell Have you ever been tempted to test out Silver Efex Pro? I know you don't do too much processing, which I admire, but I've heard lots of very good things about it for those that work extensively in black and white. +Jackie Plage was saying it's great.
Hi +Kevin Collins I back up with Time Machine. I also dump my entire 'Photos' folder to a couple of different drives throughout the month. I am shooting DNG so not need to convert but I would if I wasn't shooting DNG as it makes my changes portable in the future.

+Alex Leonard I haven't. Leica's Black and White work really well for me.
Great post. Thanks for sharing your process. But the biggest surprise was discovering that your main job isn't photography!
+Ami Yamato that's right... IT is my primary job. Photography is my very obsessive hobby...
To the point where you have over a million followers, and high respect from 1000's of professional photographers around the world.
Not bad for a hobby!
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