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Selective Focus:  "Corona"

Shot with a Leica M9 and a Noctilux 50mm at f/0.95
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Focussing on the important parts of life :-)
btw the face is not blurry enough - google still recognizes it's a face :P (quite impressive actually)
I'm sure its at I never take my Noctilux off of it.  

+Thomas Hertz  Do you use the 1.4x magnifier?  It helps massively with focusing. 
Have you changed <i>your</i> bottle lately?
+Dave Powell I'm always surprised at what Google knows ;)
But why Google gives me not even a million euros? They must surely know that!
Personally I like 1.4.   You lose a bit of the frame lines on the edges but I don't really care as I want to see the focus point.
Ah glad you are focusing on the serious matters now,
Have the 1.2.. and sometimes it looks like it blurs the picture in the viewfinder a bit. 

I so wish they would put the M3 viewfinder in their cameras.... focusing is so easy with that one
At one time I had a Minolta with a Vivitar lens that could take that shot easy! Now mine is impossible to convince it has to let go of it's own thing! I know, I know, that's scary imagery these days.
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