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This is great... YouTube on DVD!! I hate when I am traveling and either don't have access to the web or the country I am in blocks YouTube. This is going to be a life safer!

Thanks for sharing +Ami Yamato

The YouTube Collection: The Magic of YouTube in Your Hands
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Is there also a recycling program that comes along with it?
Terrific, I've got to order this for my Aunt Jean.
This collection of 10,000 DVD's can be yours for one low price of $599.99!
Don't you get it?!
did you click the link?
it was posted today cause it;s
Reminds me of the Tim and Eric bit "The Innernet by Cynco" The whole internet in one CD.
looking forward to youtube offline, eg, for 10 hours of streaming! :)
that can offload the DC streaming load if youtube client can p2p to another youtube client.
Google is holding no punches for April Fools this year. Have anyone seen the Multi-tasking features for Chrome?.....LOL
John S
lol, foolz
And for the low low price of 2.9 million dollars! What a bargain! I bet some celebratory will get pissed when they don't get their order
Happy April Fool's day
what if someone uploads another video then another truck will have to come and again and again I read on wikepedia that almost 100 youtube videos get uploaded evry 1 second
Ha Ha - I mean think of something more believable for April fools day
If I don't please do tell him the same storylll
Cats in boxes at your fingertips!
I just hope it launches on Betamax too...
Damn but some people are stupid!
Mind you, I think this most of the time, not just today... ;)
Where do i sign???? ;)
I think Google are definitely working overtime today ... This and Gmail Tap ... What else? :-)
gigle gurgle google...go girl gooo...
do you have it

if you do can i have a copy
I smell an April fools joke!

How the ell would YouTube fit in a DVD???? :D
Excellent stuff. But surely someone will just rip it all and upload it on a torrent site?
what? that's it? there's no "but wait! there's more!" ;P
That is so funny. Mail in your comments!! Hahahaha.
The home button on the YouTube player was a nice touch!!!
hahaha im not going to lie i was kinda getting into it until it really hit me "all of youtube in hundreds of dvds sent to everyone who signs up bs!! lol"
where do u buy it im needing all of those 180 yt trucks
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