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Heading for the airport in 2 hours... see you soon Boston.

PS - Join Sunday's photowalk if you are free:
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Great picture with a fantastic perspective and depth, beautiful image Dave!!
Wonderful shot. Love the colors in the sky. 
Ed King
This is a great shot !!! See you in Boston
Damn. I'm going to be on Long Island for the weekend. Sorry to be missing this!
\/\/ooOOoo\/\/ Beatiful View !!
Beautiful photo. Very nice processing
wellll, its not happenin in chicago...wich i could see it
The sun maybe "HOT" but, it does a lot of painting.
I like Boston, it's on my places to visit if I ever have enough money to leave the city limits of my isolated city.
Ed King
+Billy Wilson We'll be waiting for you and it's a cat friendly city :) ... I saw you huge cat on Photo Talk Plus .. Enjoy
This gives me the urge to head to the city this weekend...
I love the mixture of colors in the sky...and its reflection on the water...
texture was toooo detail...mrvls
Dope sunset over the Bean
Nice, that looks to good to be real. lol
How do u save pox on this google+? 
beautiful scenery! love it!
D Paul
looks like a montage for a HBO series... I love it
Just tell me one thing Mr. Photographer.........
Is it really REAL photograph ??????????????
if it is real pls tell which place ,i like it ...................................
is it a painting or a picture mr.photographer
although it's urban it looks great
Adi Gr
Welcome to the BEAN! ... the 76ers die here saturday night ... see u there ... GO C's
These hi-tech photos - they tend to fictionalize a factual location.
Like a woman with too much makeup.
The beauty isn't always the work of the photographer.
hells yeah!!!! great photo, you have real talent.
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