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In-N-Out Burger was doing a 'test' in Tokyo today to see if they should open a shop... I think 'yes'. #yummy +In-N-Out Burger Fan Club
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Oh yum. And I'm hungry too.

That's what a hamburger's all about.
Omg! I love In-N-Out but I haven't seen one for years! :)
So they can go over the Pacific but not to Texas! ROFL LAWL!
So your one of those who has been eating all the plant life, so much for goin "green"...
To bad Tokyo doesn't deliver!!!
I want that! look at all the amont of cheeze oozing out!
love everything at in-n-out except their godawful "cheese".
Def Yes! Im not a beef fan but it looks yummmy!!
Order that burger Animal Style and ask for your fries Well Done.
HELZ YA... and in Okinawa, with all US Personnel here, they would make a killing. The one thing is standards, all fast food tastes different, I think it is the KETCHUP
Oh no! This is sooooooooo cruel! I'm on the low-carbs diet!!!
WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOWWWW....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yummmmyyyyy.................
I don't like Burger, I like fish and meat.
omg, and here I thought one day getting to live in my dream city couldn't get any better until this article....
ooooooh ya ya im a for the burger and chips ya
Your brain is fooling your body again
I have an In-N-Out 2 minutes by car from me, I'm tempted to jump in the car.
I want to eat it right now? It's so tempting..
Uh...aren't Japanese people one of the cultures whose main source of protein is fish? what happened to accusations regarding dolphin hunts and all that? why is it that on average they live much longer than an american? might be time for the users to look up two words "media manipulated".
i like that
Yummm..this is making me hungry...
I don't like hamburgers personally but I know a whole bunch of expats here in China who'd love to have some of that.
oh man!! I hope there is another test soon!
Could I have extra Pink Slime with that?
Bet you thought you were pretty cool for pulling the Pink Slime card. Too bad you're a moron because In N Out doesn't use that crap. But you'd know that if you bothered to educate yourself any before Derping in public.
I want to eat ↖(^ω^)↗
please come to Toronto, it's not so bad with global warming, we're 75m above sea level.
dis item is only (puli kutti)
Tokyo is gonna get one before El Paso. Now I'm pissed.
hmm aymmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Does look better than your average McDo... I hope it tasted that much better too! ;-)
Soooooo Yammmyyyyyy.....
Fast food always looks, smells and tastes good but its bad for your health.
Yummy! reminds me of something quite different though ;)
I Love it...........................
whoa!! now i'm really starving.... :D
great composition, great shot!!!
yammy...Through all this red meat and yellow cheese will diminish my life at least 15 minutes each bite...
They should do a trial of In-N-Out in the UK.
They did the same thing in Seoul, Korea and hundreds of people, mostly foreigners staying in Korea and those who had had it before, lined up 100m to buy one. Some even took a leave to buy one. :D
Woah! this looks delicious!!
beeeeef *drool
If only I ate red meat anymore....that might actually look good, but the cheese is a bit over the top. :)
this is not healthy it is fat.
hey its not healthy but looking yummy i like this what is the name of dis burger
PLEASE open one in London! (we now have Chipotle which is a cool thing!)
We need one in Lincoln Nebraska and Springfield, Branson, and Kansas city Missouri!!!!!!! Plz!!!!!!!!
This just makes me hungry!!!!
wow!!!! yunmy share me some..
ops u'm hungry looooooooooool hahahaha
for my own taste buds, in and out is the most over hyped burger chain ever. I just don't get it. But japanese don't lie with food. We will see.
จะกินแบบนี้ :((((((
they should come to the east coast before going to another country
That looks disgusting. If I ate that I'd be seeing it again very shortly, especially if I got on a bus.

There's a heart attack if ever I saw one.
nur ani
can i have one?price?
bro stop hatin that looks delicious
Love their burgers but why don't they have mayonnaise?
am now salivating its really wow.
Tokyo? What about the East Coast! I soooooo miss their burgers!
+robert garskof I agree it is not the most appetising view, however I would much rather be able to see the contents before they hand it to me then find the decayed lettuce leaf and tomato later, as I seem to do whenever I get a McDonald's burger!
I used to be a huge In n Out fan, but was so disappointed when I had my first one in years back i November. 5 Guys is just as good, if not better, and their fries are definitely better.
ommmmmyummy. that looks so good. they need one of those here!
would probably eat one but also looks like a heart attack waiting to manifest
your sure right,but looks some kind of good,lol!!!!
Horrid Christians, keep your low quality beef and antiquated philosophies out of the Land of the Rising Sun.
it human meat usa troop it appears why rumor
But it tastes soo good.
i want..... i want......well u'd have to walk a mile to get one like that in Africa :( (PS: SouthAfrica not inclusive)
looks like second grade but i guess it taste fantastic.
Yikesss..I must have eating too much already today..coz that looks scarey!
Now that's a great looking burger.
now that's a cool looking burger, where is the saussage?
Susie K
Yes you should. Nice burger
Wow that looks so goooooood!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I wish they would do a 'test' in Boston and come west of Las Vegas.
I will take a double double animal style and fries well done. tia
If all there burgers look like that, YES!!!!!
I remember In N Out burger in California in late 90s and just thought it was a brilliant idea. Wish they would come to the UK!
ohh shit i'm going to tokyo in october i hope they have a in-n-out for me when i get there!
Mamma mia, ma è che mangia uno schifo del genere?
yuck!??! are u crazy!? In-N-Out is incredible!!!!
i live in cali so its common but im vegan o.o it was hard 4 me 2 get over in'n'out ;A;
I say yessiry! That looks delicious!
WTF? I love in-n-out burger! Tokyo? Hey can we have one in Washington State first?
I think they should open one in Seminole County, Florida
Thumbs up if u want to eat that.
if you go to Kewaunee Custard in Kewaunee, Wisconsin we have the best burgers and custard. we hand press our own burgers and we run our own custard. oh and our burgers look way better than that one and i bet they taste better too!
WTF? They can't open a shop on the East Coast, but they can go all the way to Tokyo? Show the right coast some love!
Holy crap,That looks good! but havent had the money to eat like that in over a year & my BD is Friday
They all closed in the SE Michigan area. They had the best fries. Wonder if Singapore might get one. (doubt it though)
they should open one here in the NC first before they go to JAPAN!
Eat that thing on the toilet . . . cus that is wear your headed. Looks kinda gross
Yum Yum the "Double Double" good choice. Well not everyday but occasionally LOL. Hey wheres the delicious shake
Loved these when I was in LA
Mouth watering uuuuhm! Nyc.
dekhne me itna mst khane me to or b mst hoga....
I love burgers sooo much but that looks kinda sick
Denis H
in-n-out is the best it so fuking good i can eat it all day
Okay... So they'll open a store in Tokyo bit not in New Mexico!!!!!!!!
Doing a test in Tokyo!!!! How about the eastern half of the US first!
I hate burgar so i dont eat that but its nice in looking
What a load od crud, open them over seas before the rest of America. Its a California only family owned chain. That's bs i better see one in Savannah before Tokyo gets one!
wow that a good burger but not as good as Bobby's Burger Palace
I was thinking what I wanted for lunch. Now I know. Double double animal style.
frys is enough for me. i dont feel like a burger like that. ill take 1 of those spicy chicken sandwiches from wendy's those things are GOOD!
dang tht burger is bog but ewww it got pickles... :p
Anything with oozing cheese. Count me in.
que rico se ve ese hamburger delicioso!!!
looking what!!
but test yummmmmmmmyyyyy
Vancouver please. westcoast love
Oh... My... God... I want to know where to buy that.
hue le
Oh Look very yummy
damn that has the same amount of grease that my burger king burgers leaked out :p god cheese looks nasty too
To the people saying, it is unhealthy:

Sure, if you eat it everyday, but why would you?
I eat an in-n-Out burger probably once a month. It tastes great, and it is cheap, money wise, but I treat it as an indulgence. So should you.
thats what my gfs downstairs looks like
How about one in Atlanta first?
Again, for those asking, it is 670 Calories for the burger itself (because it is a double-double) and 395 Calories for the fries.

Don't eat the full order of fries, even though it is hard to resist.
I ate at the INandOut in Upland, Ca in the early 70's. The very best.
They need to start opening up shop on the east coast.
+Johanne Gagnon No one asked your opinion, health-nazi. Too many people like you are trying to tell us what to eat, and every one of you and your families should lined up against the wall and shot.
+Johanne Gagnon I shop at Walmart all the time(only grocery store in town). Was that supposed to have been an insult, health-nazi? BTW, I'll just take two, and see you in Hell.
b bb
Хорошо, Вы убедили меня.
Why am I suddenly getting junk mail on my computer??? Stop sending me this stuff!!!! In and Out Burger is now on my DO NOT VISIT list. Stop sending me this.
Let me know when you open one in NYC... Preferably in Queens...
Sure they are way too healthy there, send them some greasy saturated fat, and the heart disease that goes with it!
Being from Boston my son who live Cali introduce In n out Burger to me. Man o man make u want slap momma damn good burger. I had three.
Well if you have the cash flow think wisely before you spend. It sounds good but make sure, you are willing to lose.
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