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Want your own Geiger Counter?  

Check out the +Safecast Kickstarter Project...  The project was funded in just 6 hours!
Safecast launched a year ago thanks in part to Kickstarter. We're making an awesome limited edition geiger counter to say thanks!
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One day this will be just another feature of your iPhone. I hope.
I hope so too - what a feature 
I had to take a radiation pull for a test one time. After I took the pill from the guy's metal glove I said, "is that a Geiger counter on the counter over there?" sure enough it was. When we scanned my body the thing went nuts around my stomach. That was scary! Kinda cool though.
I wish posts included "Posted from iPhone". That would help explain the spelling and punctuation errors on some of my posts ;) Sorry, didn't mean to thread jack. +google plus mobile please add edit post to the iPhone app.
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