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My favorite shot from today

I was out shooting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia today. I met a group of young boys studying to become monks and they kindly stopped and posed for a few pictures. One boy really wanted a copy of his picture. I kept trying to explain it was digital but he didn't speak English.

I ended up finding a shop that would print and printed his picture. Through the 'monk network' I was able to track him down and give it to him. He was very happy. I image he doesn't have any photos of himself. He looked proud when he got it. It felt great...a good day.

look for my shots on later tonight.
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I'm glad you gave him a copy - that was a good deed. A lot of these novitiates are very poor.
lovely story man - a good dead of the month candidate i´d say :)
+Matthew Lamb today when I was looking for a print shop. I might pick up an old one at the Impossible Project in Nakameguro. My only concern is weight. I like to travel light and I am shooting two cameras as it is now. Not sure I want to add a third but might be good for trips like this.
You have robbed his soul, but maybe his monk friends can help him extract it from the photo.
+Dave Powell Like +Matthew Lamb I would recommend the Polaroid Pogo printer. It will fit into your pocket... it's battery operated.... USB's to your camera... and produces prints about the size of a large business card. I carry one on my travels to Central America and although the prints are certainly not museum quality the local folks are just over the moon when you give them a print. Kudos for going the long way around and making this young monks day : )
Well done!
What a great picture. Monks are not easy to shoot, so this is quite an achievement, thanks for sharing : )
Great Story it must be wonderful to make someone happy :)
You did very well by providing him with his picture. it must be of great value for him.
So +Dave Powell how did you like Phnom Phen? I found it extreme a couple of years back, very crowded, couldn't find my rhythm...
Be blessed... How one act could become a blessing to others.
See we need more people like RC in this world.
Awwww... this is so, really sweet of both of you!!! Now I'm gonna insist on having this photo of him with his photo to be printed!
wow great.. i like your picture.. and this boy also :)
This is a beautiful portrait in it's own right. Loved the story, too!
either a person is monk, priest or a normal human being all have expectations from his life either in monetarary or non monetarary, this expectation may motivate him to do something in life...
Is it just me, or are the comments actually becoming surreal...?
a very touching gesture from your part, a happy young monk on the other
+Dave Powell I can understand why its your favourite shot Dave, I love the focus here and the colours are gentle but still manage to pop.
you had done good for such a innocent soul god bless you
that is stupid why do u guys like it i dont get it
This is a beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing it with the world!
It was one of your contribution to people sharing the world together.
Truly inspirational. Thank you for this :)
Hats off to you Dave. This is great gesture from you to the humanity.
great work Dave.....keep it up!!!:)
you've kept his happiness, great job.
sensetive though. I wish i could have made someone happy like this.
He will probably treasure that. How sweet.
Nice that you went out of your way like that. Great shot!
wish i can learn something from you while you are in town-i'm from PP
Nice pice given by you.this is rock d
thank you for such a nice photo.
In rurral Turkey you could be killed for taking a photo of someone. They believe that photos steal a portion of the person photographed soul.
The Picture, is a momento of the real gift that was given...Love was The Gift. "_) Have a Great Day +Dave Powell ; my G+ friend +Sambath Ban lives there, I hope you two connect at some point (he's a wonderful guy also). LL aka5050 lvnv
Never having a picture, and getting one from someone you just met is something that can make someone's world just so much better.
The trouble you went through to get the photo is nothing compared to the impact you have made on his young life. He will never forget you and the lasting gift you gave to him. You are a good person Dave!
its some thing like filling colours in his life
awww thats so kind!!!:D this made my day even better
Don't forget angkor wat...
he is so proud holding with his own photo...your owesome mr. dave powell
Cn you guys flag as inapropriate Tato Tato's comment, his words mean "your whore sister" in spanish . We do not need this on G+
you did good especially if you are making money off his image.
That is amazing, that little boy probably thought you were like a wizard, and will remember you for the rest of his life.
that's great.. :) now your story will be told as long as he have that photo..
They're monks, not isolated rain-forest tribespeople. They know what a camera is, +Kat Buescher. Come on, now.
Enlightened and peaceful People. I ♥ Buddha ..
Ko Zay
Buddha,Dhama and Sangar. He is Sangar(monks).
Love it he looks so happy!
who the boy in the picture thats holding a picture of him
+++++ for both the story&the photo
Great way to interact with kids!
Mohit S
Great story and that boy monk will never forget you.........!!!
The power of an image
The power of a photographer
Where do u take this photo ? Very nice and very thanks to u for share.
great stuff - love when photography has a tangible impact upon the subject in this kind of way.
What lens did you to shoot this? Thanks! Great shot!
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