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A little clumsy in my posting of this. Sorry if you get it more than once.
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You'll need to add this rotation command in setup to change the display to landscape (even then some of the demos will not fit right):

good job, I had a feeling it would work and good working with you on the pins. 
Wow really nice Dave!! :) I really like the integration with the TFT! I'm doing something similar with my droid,but this is awesome!
So you think a Pong Game might be popular?  I haven't surveyed the Arduino game ecosphere, probably a fair amount of "back to the 1980s 8 bit" creativity. 
I only threw that out because a) I just heard a radio interview with the inventor of Pong, b) it's something this little device is capable of, and c) there are versions for Arduino already out there. Anyone with better code skills than I have could probably adapt it to the Esplora in an hour or two.

Probably even better would be a space invaders game, using the slider on the bottom to play. But there should be some built-in game that uses the joystick and the buttons. And that anyone could customize.
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