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Dave Paradi
Presentation expert, author of 7 books on effective PowerPoint presentations, PowerPoint MVP
Presentation expert, author of 7 books on effective PowerPoint presentations, PowerPoint MVP

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Glad to partner with +Copyblogger on helping marketing professionals take advantage of the opportunity to convert written content to a SlideShare deck
SlideShare Best Practices: How to Turn Written Content Into a Winning Deck

SlideShare was the “quiet giant of content marketing” way back in 2011, even before being acquired by LinkedIn. Now? It’s one of the most influential social media platforms for businesses and big thinkers.

But while SlideShare has proven to be a great new medium for sharing content, many people are still asking how to get started with it.

In tomorrow's article, Dave Paradi share best practices for the simplest way to get started with SlideShare: turning a written piece of content into a SlideShare deck.

Stay tuned. 

Update: the post is now live:

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What presenters can learn from how TV shows start
When you watch a TV show these days, whether it is a half-hour sitcom or a one hour drama, how does it start? Why is that relevant to presenters? That's what this article is all about.

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3 Steps to Lead Presentation Change in 2014
When I am delivering my workshops, a common concern is raised by the participants. They think that the ideas I share are great, they really like the slide makeovers I show them, but they are concerned that the new visuals they create won’t meet with managem...

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Presentation Tip: Proportional Object Collection Calculator
Earlier this year I created an online tool to calculate the sizes of two shapes based on values that you input. This allows you to create a diagram with two proportional shapes. I wrote about this calculator in the June 11 issue of the newsletter and gave e...

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Celebrating 300 newsletter issues
Today I am celebrating the 300th issue of my newsletter. I have been writing this newsletter every two weeks for almost 11 years. I would not be able to keep writing if it was not for the support and encouragement that my loyal readers have shown. If you ar...

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Presentation Tip: Treemap Diagrams
At the Presentation Summit in September, Nolan Haims showed a diagram I had seen before, but did not know the proper name for: a treemap. A treemap is a type of visual that allows you to visually compare the size of different measured values using proportio...

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Presentation Tip: Show steps in a process
When you need to explain a process, whether it is a manufacturing process, process for handling expense claims, or process for installing a new system, there are steps you want to walk the audience through. The default template in PowerPoint leads many pres...

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Presentation Tip: Ideas from the 2013 Presentation Summit
Every year when I speak at and attend the Presentation Summit conference I come back with great ideas from other presentation experts that I can adapt or use in my own presentations. Last month the conference was in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and in this article I ...
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