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As I've been looking through all the great images and feedback it got me thinking what would be a really interesting capability (though some might find it giving away their secrets) would be to show side-by-side of the original OOC image to the final.     Sometimes I find myself assuming what someone has done and why,  the additional context could add a lot to the feedback process,  even if it was a post-vote type of thing.  Thoughts?
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I'm not sure why but I don't think I could show the two side by side.  It would feel so unnatural for me to present work that way.  It could be very instructional though.  Will have to think about that one.
After I was thinking about it it seems it would be more feasible post-vote,  maybe you could have a 'comparison' section or something for additional commentary.   It would be great for tips and really helping people with composition especially.  An idea.
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