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Hi everyone,

Now that pages can be created for entities, I think it is a great opportunity to have all the fantastic #dailyThemes have there own page.

I want to expand a circle that i have created to encompass all of these wonderful initiatives that I love so much. i have also created a public Google calendar ( that can help navigate the aspiring G+ world looking a daily challenge. It is public and editable (I think). I ask the curators of those various themes to consider creating a page.

+Kelli Seeger Kim +Kerry Murphy +Lotus Carroll +Levi Moore +Jeff Smith +Charles Lupica +Eric Leslie +midori chan
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+Charles Lupica +Kjetil Andre Edstrøm's Page is a very comprehensive breakdown of all the themes-I have that page already circled. With page creation, the individual themes become more independent and their own entities in Google plusverse. It another awesome evolution in G+.
+Dave Ortiz I like the idea of an google calender where we can list the themes.
I'm not sure if public editable is the way to go. You know spam spam spam :)

But a public viewable calender might be a very nice idea. Is that something you would like to fix and we can publish it at +Daily Photography Themes and other pages ?

+Charles Lupica Thnx for the +mention :)
+Kjetil Greger Pedersen The more we work together, the better for the themes and the less stress for us. :-)) I think we're at the start of something important and I hope we can influence it's evolution in a positive way.
I am considering creating a page but my one issue currently is that there can't be shared admins of it. I hear that is coming though. I will let you know once I get there!
Hmm.. Daily themes?? What is that?? If it is what i think it is, then I am very interested! Is the goal to have an site for posting photos for daily themes? And a calendar for knowing witch theme for the day??
+Kerry Murphy Just my point of view but a page helps to establish a look for the themes a brand if you will. It also tells people that this is a seriously supported theme - at least for now. It give the theme more credibility than other themes that don't have pages.

My suggestion is to create a page and give it a brand look. The admin will come sooner or later, probably sooner. Companies are going to be hollering for multiple admins. Create the page. If you do a minimal page you can be done in 5 minutes. A more custom look and a logo for the avatar can be done in less than an hour. Once that's done, it won't need much maintenance. I've had a lot of people add my pages and I'm not pushing them at all. Just creating them and sending out a few posts now and again.

People adding the page to their circles is vital. A page cannot have a stranger in a circle. The only people that can be added to circles are those people that have added the page first. But, you can send posts to the public.

Give it a try, It only takes a few minutes and you can delete it if it doesn't work out.

Hope that helps.
Sound advice. This new territory. Getting in early will solidify footing in a soon to be overflow of options. 
+Kerry Murphy Your page is what you want to make it and no one shares the curating if you do not want them too.
+Ray Bilcliff - I meant that there are 2 others that co-curate with me and it would be nice if we could use the page together. I still will likely create one as I think it will make it easier to curate when I bump into the comment limit. I can share posts to the page to highlight them there. I'm assuming that is what some of the other people have been doing?
It's in my "to do" list... I've just been really busy.... I know, I know... what else is new... :}
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