Ok I need a little bit of help from all of you in promoting the #nationalparksmonday  daily photo theme. We are trending a bit here on G+ but would love to get the word out some more and get more folks involved.

Would you all be so kind and reshare this post letting people know about this daily photo theme? I would appreciate it immensely and we will also get to see a lot more images of national parks around the world.

So for those of you that are just hearing about #nationalparksmonday  you can join in the fun very easily. No need for an invitation, simply upload an image you have taken in a National Park (anywhere in the world) and include the #nationalparksmonday  hashtag in the post. For extra karma points write it out like so:

For #nationalparksmonday  hosted by +Juan Pons 

Thanks for your helping out and I look forward to all of your pictures.

And the image attached to this post, was taken in Glacier National Park in Montana, USA. This is the very hyper and elusive Pine Marten, a member of the weasel family.

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