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Hi, @TheRealJimShady and @badhavok as per comm. :)

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but its interesting that its "industry best practice"... This is what we get for using stuff for free... People have been arguing for a while that if an application is free to use, essentially they are using or selling your data (i.e. Thet are making money from you and your friends). Its your data they are after and this allows them to:
Forge more connections (bigger user base = more information to sell)
Sell your profile for segmentation advertising

Practical use of address book contacts from Facebook:
If you allow Facebook access to your email system to retrieve contacts, it adds all your contacts to its database, then tells you who is on Facebook (incase you want to friend them). It uses this data when recommending people you many know..... It does so to help you connect. BUT then it also forming a database of all contacts and this data can easily be mined.
What I dont know is: If someone joins facebook and they are in your contacts, is this data used as part of "People you may know"...

Also I think this is why the EU is calling to limit the amount of time your data can be stored for and a way to ask for all your data to be removed from any database.

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Time to try out google pages...

phone died..... will see what i can do about it on sunday

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“Spherical Flying Machine”: a 42-inch remote controlled ball that can zip around in any direction at ~37mph

Spherical Flying Machine Developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense #DigInfo

Happy Dewali to all!

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Brilliant.... And I would like to see the same from an IT perspective.
A couple of days ago here on G+ I linked to a table that shows words scientists use, and how the public hears them - and it's not the way the scientists think. I had more to say, so I wrote a whole post about it.

Bottom line: if scientists want to sway public opinion, they need to make sure what they say can be understood.

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Any one know whats happening on holloway road?

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