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Out to Sea: f-stop TIPS included

I shared this shot on Flickr a while back, but forgot to share it on here..

The Shot
This was taken early one morning on Rialto Beach in La Push WA. Man what an awesome place, I may have even geo-tagged the location so you can find it yourself. Good luck hunting...

TIPS: f-Stop control
For most of us that have been taking pictures for a while, aperture setting seems to be a simple thing. But have you really played around with it and found out what works best? Most lenses have a "sweet spot" aperture setting for sharpness, and not its not f/32 or something crazy like that. Unless I am looking to produce some light trails,smooth and silky water, or a sun flair, I normally play within the realms of f/4-f/8 for landscape photography. Going much higher for a larger DOF does not always work in your favor. 

One of the best ways to find out what works is to experiment. Next time you go for a shoot, take the same shot several different times and vary your aperture. See what you like and stick with it. 

Currently I am putting together a set of 50 great photography destinations in the Pacific Northwest. All locations are geo-tagged, so you can check them out yourself--->


Camera: Canon 7D
Lens: Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6

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Loved this on Flickr and love it here too Dave!!
I thought I had seen this one before.  Nice image.  I have to get out to the edge of the earth one day and make some images like this.
+Dave Morrow I'll be in NO tomorrow.  It's mostly business, but I will have plenty of time for photos.  I just got a new toy that I'm taking with me.  It will break down the 3 bracket barrier with the D5100.  If my math is correct, I should be able to take 30 exposures at 1/3 EV.  Silly, yes, but possible.  lol...
+Tim Gupta hey whats up man! got your email. Upon getting back from iceland Im starting to check off stuff on my "to do" list, yours is on there for sure. stay tuned! results coming soon:)
Cool +Dave Morrow good to hear! Bet your trip was fantastic... Looking forward to seeing the photos from that too!
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