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Dave Morrow

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A futuristic take on an under ground bus station in Seattle Washington.

I cover some of these post processing techniques on my Learn Photography Page if you're interested!
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Dave Morrow

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An assortment of photos that you may see floating around as Google Chromecast Screen Savers from time to time.

These photos are in 1920 max width resolution, so feel free to use one as your desktop background if you like.
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So beautiful that you share this photo Dave very beautiful
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Dave Morrow

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SmugMug Sharpening Tools

I've used Smugmug for 2 years now and they do a pretty good job with their site. The one thing that's always really gotten to me is image display sharpness. You can turn on sharpening within their interface but it's just not that great if your the kinda person that uploads full size images for printing purposes. I used to be in this boat, but no longer.

Over this past weekend I got around to uploading my entire portfolio in web sharpened 900 pixel max width resolution in lieu of full size SmugMug sharpened images as I had before. I'm really happy with the final results.

None the less if you wanna check out the results.
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+Athena Carey I like them for everything but printing. But I don't have any issues fulfilling print orders on my own, plus my entire website links in through Smugmug so I don't see myself leaving. It's annoying, but I don't really see any better options:( The customer service seems to be getting worse about answering questions as well. Hopefully they don't start to act like a large scale company in those regards.
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Dave Morrow

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A relaxing early morning view near Seattle Washington
See more at
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+Sandra Bassin really glad you like them!!! Thanks
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Dave Morrow

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What Dreams Become - Crater Lake, Oregon
Read the full blog post  including a new star photography tutorial I wrote for +PetaPixel

The Shot
My buddy +Paul Weeks  and I drove from Seattle last Friday night and arrived at Crater Lake around 3AM. This gave us just enough time to snowshoe out for some predawn and sunrise shots. The next day we ended up hiking a few more miles and camping on on the top of the Watchman Lookout which gives a full view of the lake from above. This time of year at Crater Lake is amazing as there are hardly any people up there. Here is a twilight shot I got on the very first morning. 
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+Jerry Lee
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Dave Morrow

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Awesome shot from +Ryan Dyar
It's a been a LOOOONG time since I've posted over here. Figured I'd check in and see how G+ is doing.
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Dave Morrow

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My latest upload to 500PX from Xingping China.

The rain was pouring in Xingping China as we boarded a small raft and headed upstream into the still dark and very foggy river. A few hours before dawn the rain still wasn't letting up so we decided to shoot anyway. 

If you look closely you can see the rain drops passing in front of the fisherman's lamp. 
Shooting at 14mm , f/2.8 and ISO 2500 my setup was just fast enough ( 1/30th ) to capture this low light scene with the drops falling through mid air. This effect was something I really wanted to show in the picture because I think it gives it a lot more personality. 

These kinda shots never really get much play on 500PX with an overwhelming assortment of naked girls and massivly saturated landscapes. None the less this photo is still one of my favs. Hope you like it as well. 

Comments, suggestions, thoughts always welcome...
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+Jonathan Sander
thx man! Tried to mix it up a little:)
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Dave Morrow

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My latest upload to 500PX, from Oregon's Columbia River Gorge.

Full description about the shot and photographic process over on 500PX at the link below.
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This one hangs in my office lobby - so many patients enjoy it.
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Dave Morrow

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A texture blend sunrise from Picture Lake, in the North Cascades...
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Dave Morrow

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Awesome image from my buddy +Stian Klo. He runs photo tours in Norway's Lofoten Islands for anyone interested. -->
Lofoten Twilight

Twilight in Å, #Lofoten Islands in Northern #Norway. If you want to explore Northern Norway and the legendary Lofoten Archipelagos in particular, please check out - New tours are available for booking. Tourguides are +Arild Heitmann and yours truly. The dates are as follows:

14.09.2014 - 22.09.2014 - Ultimate Lofoten Experience (only a few spots left) 
01.02.2015 - 08.02.2015 - Stetind & Lofoten Adventure 
22.02.2015 - 01.03.2015 - Chasing The Light

We have just created a Facebook Page for our tourcompany - would appreciate it if you'd stop by ->

+500px :
Facebook Page: 
Circle me on Google+:

Also a big thank you to +Alex Noriega  for mad post processing tips and techniques, the man is a genious - check out his tutorials on his website:

+BTP Landscape Pro +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography Show +LANDSCAPE Photos +Landscape Photography +Best Top Photographer Group +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS +N-Photo +Visit Norway +Northern Norway +Landscape Photography Magazine +Toshi Nakamura +Margaret Tompkins +David Pilasky +Dirk Müller +Roswitha Böhmer +Robert SKREINER +Kai Kosonen  #norwaylandscapephotography   #landscapephotography   #lofotenislands   #phototour   #photoworkshops   #seascapephotography   #twilightphotography  +Cristy Singh-Ray Filters  #naturephotography   #nikon   #nikonphotography   #nikond800   #iamnikon  
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It's looking good! 
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Not sure yet, I'll get back to you on this one...
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