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Killer image from +Michael Bollino one of my favorite photographers out of the Pacific Northwest. 

More on his website-->

After a handful of attempts I finally experienced just how fun it is to shoot sand dunes.  Sure I had a blast  on my previous sessions romping up, down, between, and around these mini-mountains of sand.  Everything about those experiences was stimulating to me as a photographer: the way light and shadows played together, textures everywhere, or how cresting a new dune provided completely new angles and worlds of possibilities.  But each and every time I walked out of the dune fields knowing my memory cards held nothing which spoke to me on a personal level.  The fact is I found photographing dunes to be challenging.  So this past December I once again headed into the dunes and, for whatever reason, things just clicked.  It turned out to be a highly productive evening and I probably walked out with three images from that afternoon/ night I enjoy.  

For this image I decided to stick around after shooting sunset, listening to music, waiting to see what would unfold as night descended.  Forty five minutes after sunset I shot the land portion of the image then proceeded to take a series of images of the sky as it further descended into darkness.  Those sky shots were  pretty decent and may have worked well as an early evening shot.  Then, just as  I decided it was time to call it a night, a faint ice halo began taking form around the moon, turning what was a rather ordinary night sky into something special.  I fired off a dozen or more images catching the interaction of the clouds and the changing intensity of the halo.  Capturing a halo which didn’t suffer from wide angle distortion required shooting it straight on and then blended it with the dune shots in post processing.  

Feel free to preview a few other images I captured during my trip to Death Valley in my New Releases gallery on my website:
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Tri Vo
Can you tell me where it is.
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Dave Morrow

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Free Star Trails Post Processing Video Tutorial

Follow along & I'll show you how to post process this shot in the video tutorial below.

Getting ready to jump on a plane & head out for 2 weeks backpacking and photographing the American South West with +Conor MacNeill

Before heading out I wanted to share my latest tutorial with you all.
Using this free tutorial I'll show you my preferred & simple method for creating star trails using only Lightroom & Photoshop. No pluggins required!

Click the link below to access the free tutorial

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Seen this on my chromcast... Nice...! 
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Dave Morrow

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Enchanted - Quinault Rain Forest, Washington

I've just finished planning the first two major trips of 2015. First, 2 weeks in the American Southwest with +Conor MacNeill, secondly, a month in the Patagonia region of South America with +Paul Weeks.
These should be a good way to kick things off this year. During each trip I'll also be scouting for new Star Photography Workshop & Tour destinations for 2016. These will be announced in April or May of 2015. 

In the coming week or so I also have a bunch of new / free video tutorials to share with you all. Stay tuned:)

The Shot
A 14 mile hike into the Quinault rainforest will lead you to this location and the so called Enchanted Valley. Paul Weeks & I hiked out here for a few days this past summer. After arriving we ate then went to sleep immediately as the rain started to pour. 

The night was fairly cold and we awoke to frost on the ground and fog drifting through the valley as well as early morning mist rising from the soil and grass. This tree could be seen directly out of my tent door, so I got up and shot it immediately before the fog dissipated.

All this atmosphere made for quite a scene. The fog you see in this photo was actually gone within a few seconds. Small patches would roll through the valley very quickly then disappear. The cool part about quickly moving patches such as this is that a long exposure of 3-4 seconds really gives it the feel of movement in the photo. 

When taking this image I knew right out that it would be in black and white. Rarely does this happen to the degree it did that day, but now that I finally got around to processing the image I feel that it turned out pretty well. 

Hopefully you enjoy!

Thanks for Looking,
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How are you
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Dave Morrow

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Part III:  Planning for Star, Milky Way & Night Sky Photogrpahy - Stellarium

In the third part of my III part video series I'll show you how to use the free program Stellarium to plan for your night sky shots. 

Grab my free 40 page star photography eBook linked in the video notes:)

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+Dave Morrow
 i have the pc version, but i was wondering if i should pay for the app, you know, it would be pretty cool if i could point with the camera of the tablet and see the stars where they are suppose to be, and with accuracy, there are other apps but i really enjoyed the pc version of this one, i suppose the tablet app has similar features
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Dave Morrow

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"Conjuring the Aurora" | White Mountains, Alaska

Read the full post at

Recently I traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska to hunt for the Northern Lights and explore Denali National Park with my buddy +Dave Morrow. A snow storm rolled in and covered the skies for most of the trip, but on the first night we were able to find clear skies and these vibrant columns of light up near the White Mountain area. 

#northernlights   #auroraborealis   #auroraborealisphotography   #alaska   #whitemountains   #denalinationalpark   #fairbanks   #winter   #nightsky  
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All of ur pictures are so colorful 
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Dave Morrow

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Fantastic image by +Majeed Badizadegan. His website has some really nice images on it as well. 

Check it out -->
The Deviation

See it in my latest works gallery:

Reminder 40% off holiday sale on select gallery wrap prints, it's not too late to grab a last minute gift!:


Pacific City continues it's long rap sheet of it's sole mission of destroying my phone whenever I visit. 

The sandstone cliffs of Cape Kiwanda are a great place to watch the waves. This particular morning I was out with a workshop student. The swell was about 8 ft. For those familiar with this location, typically a swell under 12 feet is not going to produce the desired effect of the water retreating to the sea and leading the eye into the scene.

I have been to this location nearing a dozen times. The swells crash against the bowl at the bottom and the waves climb up the sides and drain back down. In conditions on this day, one could expect, at the very best, a wave that splashes half way up the bowl. Nothing too grand or exciting. 

But weirdly, a wave caught the cliff just right. It sent a monster splash that sent hundreds of gallons North over the cape. It reached and cleared the very top where it's usually safe to stand. A sheer wall of water and terror. I was fortunate from this vantage to be just out of the waves path, and quickly shot the water retreating as I realized it would be the only opportunity that the water would reach that height. Even in inclement storm conditions I have photographed this place and not seen such a wave. The difference from this day and storm waves: when you photograph a place like this in a storm, you expect and prepare for the risks associated. I have been soaked to my core at this place and lost a lens and phone. 

This was Pacific City's way of greeting me. A very unusually large wave that was clearly attempted phone murder. If i was standing in my usual spot, it woulda been history. I can't help but see a pattern. When you see a picture like this, imagine how the water got there in the first place. It's safe to say it's 99% salt water and 1% photographers pee.

for +Landscape Photography  #landscapephotography  +Margaret Tompkins +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS  #plusphotoextract  +Coastal Thursday +HQSP Landscape +Stunning Moment +Stunning Moment 
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Dave Morrow

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Gates of the Arctic - Norway

This particular photo comes from a random part of Norway which +Conor MacNeill and I came across while driving a 300 mile stint in search of clear skies. This really nice lake was down over the side of a cliff, so we decided to strap our headlamps on and check it out.

The entire time we were on this trip the clouds and clear skies seemed to shift each and every day, so after checking the weather, fingers crossed we gunned it to the next location. 

Usually I prefer to stay near one central location and explore it as much as possible on foot rain or shine since this seems to bring the most unique shots and compositions.

It's much nicer to really get to know a single area and have time to really explore all that area has to offer. 

This trip was quite a bit different. Over two weeks we drove over 2,500 miles in search of clear skies and strong aurora activity. Out of the two weeks, 4 nights yielded some great results. 

You can learn how to take some Northern Lights photos using my free shooting and post processing tutorials which can be found at the link below.

Enjoy and thanks for looking,
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That is so beautiful ^^^^^^
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Dave Morrow

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Backpacking in Glacier National Park, Montana

A snapshot from my Behind the Scenes Album -->

Look closely at the bottom left of this photo and you will see my brother and two friends hiking. This gives a scale for the scene. These are some of the largest vertical reliefs I've ever seen.

If you're interested in learning more about this trip, I recently did an interview with 500PX discussing a 24 hour rundown of our journey.

Enjoy & Thanks for looking!
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Me encantan estos paisajes
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Dave Morrow

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My Interview with SLR Lounge - What Makes the Pacific Northwest a Great Photography Destination

I recently did an interview with +SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials  discussing the Night Skies of the Pacific Northwest and why I love taking photos here.

You can find the interview linked below. It also includes a bunch of photos.

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Holy crap you are good, that is what I want to do but not what everyone else wants me to do, so I am doing what they do not want me to do lol
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Dave Morrow

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Behind the Scenes in the Frozen Forests of Alaska

I just returned from an awesome trip to Alaska where the main goal at hand was to photograph the Northern Lights. The trip was a success! 

While there I also recorded a few behind the scenes videos for you all, providing some great tips & tricks which you can apply to your own photography workflow. 

In this video you'll join me in the frozen forests of the last frontier as I take you through one of my shoots from start to finish!

All footage is shot on the new Go Pro Hero 4 which I've been recording with for the past few months. It held up really well, even at -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thanks for watching!
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hello mane is ronaldo
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Dave Morrow

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Thanks for 30 Billion Views Google+ - Get Your Free eBook

For the new year and to thank you all for 30 Billion views of cropped and sized this entire album of 30 photos to fit 1080p high resolution screens.

Free eBook
I also have a 40 page star and landscape photography eBook which I would love for you all to have free of charge.

It has some great tools for star & landscape photography + some of my favorite tips & tricks. I think you're really going to enjoy it!

Access the eBook at the link below. It's free;) 

Enjoy & thanks for looking!

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Merci Linda ,meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année
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