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Suburban husband/dad/geek, pushing 50
Suburban husband/dad/geek, pushing 50

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I am becoming increasingly annoyed with job listing sites' inability to distinguish between "Build Engineer" and "Building Engineer".

Dewey Defeats Truman

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I'm confused. A man presents identification with a photograph of a person of a different gender, and perhaps a familial resemblance, and it's discrimination to conclude that they're not the same person? For cryin' out loud, the whole point of being transgender is that you feel your outward appearance doesn't represent your internal experience.

This is clearly a case of someone taking offense at something that was blatantly benign. There should be no surprise if your ID is rejected because multiple aspects of it don't match the person presenting it.

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I find it extremely amusing that an article in "The newspaper of record", which laments long and loudly that a presidential candidate doesn't recall the details of a specific city in a war-torn country, is followed immediately by these:

Correction: September 8, 2016
An earlier version of this article misidentified the de facto capital of the Islamic State. It is Raqqa, in northern Syria, not Aleppo.

Correction: September 8, 2016
An earlier version of the above correction misidentified the Syrian capital as Aleppo. It is Damascus.

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We've lost another member of the B5 security team. Coincidence, or Vorlon conspiracy?

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OK, this one has come up again, and it still pisses me off. These artists have a simple way to prevent politicians from using their music, but they don't have the guts to actually do it: leave ASCAP. As soon as they agree to take ASCAP's money, they've lost all right to ask that their music not be used in ASCAP-licensed venues (and the allegation in this particular song that these uses are unlicensed is just false).

So, simple solution. Handle all your own licensing, instead of following the crowd and taking the scattergun-easy money. Otherwise, your music will end up everywhere, used by people you don't like.

And #JohnOliver? If you're pretending to be a journalist, at least pretend to be one. A satirical take on the news is great, but a little fact-checking would be cool, too.

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Looks like American Express is beginning to realize what they've done to themselves by blowing their Costco partnership. They're starting to seriously hawk their referral program. I wonder if the falloff in usage is actually dramatic enough to have already been the cause of this email I just received.

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When I start to look past the histrionics of the article, this is what I see:

1) Dude's got a small-ish collection of Nazi paraphernalia, which may or may not indicate an unhealthy obsession with them. Note that the flags have pretty solid creases, so it seems likely all the small stuff was packed in that green crate, and the police spread it all out to look like a shrine.

2) A small selection of WWII-era rifles, probably to go with the Nazi gear. Interesting, hardly scary.

3) A pistol and a shotgun. Probably illegal under New York law, and mostly legal in the rest of the US. Very basic self-defense fare.

4) Unless those "assault rifles" are actual, selective fire assault rifles, I'm sure they are illegal in New York, and again, legal in most of the rest of the US. I'm sure I know plenty of people with a more impressive collection.

5) Almost no ammunition. The police love to spread out all the varied ammunition in these staged shots. I see one small plastic bin of what looks like a handful of ancient loose cartridges.

6) "Bomb-making instructions". Yeah, and I've got a copy of The Anarchists's Cookbook that I bought because I was a damned curious teenager. Note there were no bomb-making materials.

7) Some pot and 'shrooms. If anything tells me this guy wasn't much of a threat, it's that. Nobody get stoned then goes out to blow away the Jews.

So the whole "We prevented another Orlando" schtick is almost certainly total bullshit, and they've arrested some dude with a barely-interesting and marginally-illegal-in-the-gun-hating-Big-Apple gun collection and a minor obsession with a WWII whack-job. I'd love to know what the actual warrant was for.

Written elseweb, and I felt like it deserved preservation on its own:

I contend that there is a paradoxically narrow and hazy line between a being that will probably eventually become an aware, reasoning human being, deserving of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and one that already is. I further contend that any person prepared to say they know where to draw that line has too high an opinion of themselves.

Ugh. The Xarelto tort trolls are robo-calling.
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