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While DRM has largely been defeated in downloaded music, it is a growing problem in the area of ebooks, where people have had their books restricted so they can't freely loan, re-sell or donate th...
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Since this is #2600 day at the hive maybe we can give a talk and demos on how to remove DRM from ebooks too? What do you think +Chris Anderson ?
I'm actually available that night too! I think we should plan an official Hive13 event with a 2600 tie-in! :D
Actually, I'll post something to the mailing list...
That sounds like a lot of fun, I would be interested as well.
This is awesome especially because I can't seem to read anything but ebooks on my phone. Unfortunately, I have a choir concert that evening, any chance of a recap of the event of some sort?
+Craig Smith i gave a talk about the evils of DRM a couple of years ago, i could resurrect it for the occasion.
Sounds great! We can do that with live demos of ebook DRM removal :D
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