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Dave Meeker
Just a guy that can't stop thinking.
Just a guy that can't stop thinking.

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Watch Lab researcher and policy expert Cam Kerry and CNIL's Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin discuss data protection and privacy in this video from last week's Media Lab Conversations Series event. #MLTalks

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Gave a quick talk at the financial times innovation event in New York about the Isobar initiative to apply the output of our global nowlab in partnerships with institutions that are working to improve the lives of those with physical disabilities and brain injuries. +Andy Lin, wish you were here! 

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Fundamentals of Computational Media Design, a Media Lab course now on MIT Open Courseware, covers the history of 20th century art and design from the perspective of the technologist.

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Do this one - for the greater good. 
+Andy Lin , +Dave Meeker  , and myself have a proposal out for a SXSW panel about improving access for the disabled with wearable technology.

SXSW has a public panel picker that accounts for a portion of the decision for choosing a panel. We would appreciate your vote if you think this is a topic worth talking about. 

If you wind up resharing this post and are interested in a One Plus One invite, send me an email. I have one that's expiring soon.


Panel desc:
"Historically, healthcare has been at the forefront of innovation, but at exceptional costs and a snail’s pace. The result is medical, health and wellness devices as well as software systems lagging behind the rapidly changing needs of an evolving patient population. Recent advancements in consumer technology, new trends in connected devices and wearable hardware, and the emergence of affordable components and prototyping tools have converged to provide new opportunities to design, prototype and test solutions at a blistering pace. By combining design thinking, active participation of patients, rapid prototyping and change to processes, the opportunity presents itself to disrupt the way the industry has historically approached things. Join us in a discussion around how we are working to solve problems faced by patients with physical disabilities and brain injuries by repurposing consumer technology, inventing new products and services and integrating technology to improve lives. - See more at:"

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Some recent thoughts about how we all might want to behave in this emerging, connected world. Reading this might make you less evil.

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Here's some thoughts on how all of you might want to behave in our emerging connected world. At least a conversation starter. 

Taking bets - Google Shuts down Glass before Q4.

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Dave Meeker commented on a post on Blogger.
has anyone been able to use this to Pair with the Adafruit EZ-Key module?  I had it working before, but can't get it to do anything once I click pair. 
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