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How's this for poor customer service and support from +Everspring when you email them with a problem with one of their devices and you get back an email saying that your email was deleted without being read. It was sent to the email address on their website for support. Think I'll be junking their devices in the bin as they don't work and I can't get support for them. They don't work when the voltage drops too low, which can often happen if you live in a country with poor regulation. Every other device I have from other manufacturers work.
Pretty poor show +Everspring

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Why is Gradle builds now excruciatingly painfully slow? I used to enjoy Android development as it was quick to make changes and rebuild and deploy. I could make changes and hit build and about 10-15 seconds later the app was running on the phone. Now it takes around 4 - 5 mins to build and as much as that to build even a basic template when you create a new project. Why?
I've tried some of the suggestions I found on the net but nothing is working. My machine is Windows 10 with 12GB RAM, 8 core 3.2Ghz AMD and running AS 2.2 Preview 5.
Should I completely uninstall Android and the SDK's etc and then reload it all again? That will take some time but if it works I am prepared to do it.

Android Studio 2.2 keeps freezing every time I start typing or accessing any menus etc. It hangs for about 3-5 seconds and then carries on. If I start typing I can get some many characters input and then it freezes again. It's painful to try and do development on at present.
The rest of my system is responsive so pretty sure this is not an OS issue. I am running Windows 10.

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I have a Pebble Time Steel with the metal strap and the pins that hold it together have started to work lose. Last night they fell out on both sides and the watch dropped of my wrist. Luckily it landed on the seat I was sitting on. I've contacted support to see about a replacement as it is less than 6 months old. Has anyone else experienced this or noticed that the pins are working lose? It's a pretty bad design failure to be honest. 
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I have a Dell XPS15 where the touch pad no longer clicks and is actually protruding from the front. As the laptop is now out of warranty I decided to remove the rear cover and found that the battery has expanded (attached image). I use the laptop mostly with the power supply plugged in when in the office or at home and didn't expect this to happen with just over 1 years use. Is this a common issue? I live in the tropics so ambient temperatures range from 22 to 36 deg C. I am currently trying to locate a replacement battery for it. I have had other laptops for much longer and same usage pattern and never had the batteries expand like this although it has to be said that this is the first with Li-Polymer as previous batteries have always been NiMH. Ihave other devices with Li-Po and they don't suffer from this same issue. For an expensive machine this is not good if I have to replace the batteries approx every year :( 
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How do you have 2 AndroidManifest, one each for debug and release. I need to comment out this section in the debug build but be included in the release. Manually doing it means I sometimes forget to do so.

<action android:name="android.hardware.usb.action.USB_ACCESSORY_ATTACHED" />

I've tried creating a debug directory under src and putting the manifest in there with the above section commented out but that doesn't work. I've even tried to put the AndroidManifest from main into release under the src directory but the build system complains that it can't find the manifest.

Is this possible and if so, how?

I have a quick question I am wondering if anyone here can answer before I ask Pebble. With the magnetic charging cable for my Pebble Steel, if I leave it plugged into the computer or charger and it happens to get attracted to something metal lying on my desk and the pins short out, is the cable protected for this in any way at all? With the PC it is likely to cause the re-settable fuse to fail and require a restart but for a wall charger I am not sure all have this protection.

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It would seem that the Pebble Steel does not like temperature. A few times on my vacation to Australia and back here in Indonesia, the display has lots of extra lines or missing lines until the watch cools down again. Once cooled it's back to normal. Surely this can handle temperatures higher than 35 deg C ambient?

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Just got my black pebble steel after having Android Wear and mighty impressed with it. My LG GWR failed so I needed something before my holiday.
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