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Dave Martin

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The long wait is over. Beats debuts in the US beginning January 21st. Priced at $10 per month, the price point now used by Rhapsody the oldest paid incumbent. This should be interesting. Stay tuned.
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Dave Martin

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Song of the Summer of 2013? The one that nobody but the listeners like. Eric Spitznagel offers a great backstory.
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Dave Martin

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Simply wonderful video from Apple. 
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And the beat goes on
It's our second annual list of the richest DJs in the world! Who came in number one!? Was it #tiesto , #avicii , #skrillex ...maybe #daftpunk ?
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Dave Martin

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Very cool. PLING, the app powered by the incredible force that is audio
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As Hitch famously said: To create suspense provide the audience with information. Thanks for sharing, Scott.
Happy birthday to Alfred Hitchcock, born on this date in 1899. Here's my favorite story about 'Hitch' and his macabre sense of humor, as told by Peter Bogdanovich:
My own favorite memory of Hitchcock comes from an incident at the St. Regis Hotel in New York in 1964. After some frozen daiquiris had left me a bit tipsy and Hitch quite red-faced and cheerful, we got on the elevator at the 25th floor and rode in silence to the 19th, where, when three people dressed for the evening entered, he suddenly turned to me and said,
''Well, it was quite shocking, I must say there was blood everywhere!''
I was confused, thinking that because of the daiquiris I'd missed something, but he just went right on: ''There was a stream of blood coming from his ear and another from his mouth.''
Of course, everyone in the elevator had recognized him but no one looked over. Two more people from the 19th floor entered as he continued: "Of course, there was a huge pool of blood on the floor and his clothes were splattered with it. Oh! It was a horrible mess. Well, you can imagine . . . "
It felt as if no one in the elevator, including me, was breathing. He now glanced at me, I nodded dumbly, and he resumed: ''Blood all around! Well, I looked at the poor fellow and I said, 'Good God, man, what's happened to you?''
And then, just as the elevator doors opened onto the lobby, Hitchcock said, "And do you know what he told me?" and paused. With reluctance, the passengers now all moved out of the elevator and looked anxiously at the director as we passed them in silence.
After a few foggy moments, I asked, ''So what did he say?'' And Hitch smiled beatifically and answered, "Oh, nothing -- that's just my elevator story."
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Dave Martin

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Good read: Craig Kanalley shares his thoughts on getting noticed. "Dream big, my friends. Throw things up on the Internet. See what people respond to. Make changes along the way. You never know."
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Dave Martin

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Good read by Nicco Mele and John Wihbey. Also, pre-ordered the Mele book.
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Media guy, bibliophile, autodidact, polymath, recovering suit.
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