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Fast Company asked if I'd do a follow up on this piece about +Google+.  I'm planning on having some entrepreneurs give their take on it as well as hopefully some of the internal team if I'm lucky. 

Anyone got any suggestions of entrepreneurs whom you'd love to hear their take on this?
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Ooh high praise from +Vic Gundotra! Thankie kindly sir! I still need to get some biz cards with "Enthusiasm Force Multiplier" on them ;)

And hi +Dave Llorens I'd be happy to chat :)
G+ wins. We just moved away from Yammer (internal company news and what not) and Skype in one shot. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of other companies, especially companies already using Gmail for business, are making the same move right now.
That is awesome - but what replaces Yammer with G+ apps?
We use Yammer for posting pictures and company related news. We're doing that in G+ now. Only downside is that G+ mobile app doesn't have restricted posting yet (coming soon).
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