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Mitt may be more qualified than Obama, but that doesn't say much. He has an idea is to require a "button" that comes on all computers that people can push to eliminate all pornography. Would that magical button block my vibrating bullet?
Here's a clip of GOP Presidential Probably-Nominee/ overall weird, awkward guy Wildegard Mittens Von Cashingham Romney informing an enthusiastic 2007 crowd that if he were in charge, he'd clean up the...
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They? the only republican who was bad for the adult industry was Reagan, but at least he was good for the economy. The others didn't do anything other than talk negatively about the adult industry. Meanwhile to think democrats are all for free speech is naive. Look at Lieberman and Gore, they would have been worse for porn than Bush was. Clinton was great for sex, but how many pot smoking sex addicts can we expect to elect?
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