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Dave Levine

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Video of me presenting an award at this years Xbiz Award Show
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Dave Levine

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The end of an era . . . taking down the stripper pole to make room for a piano . . . I have great memories of the stripper pole days but excited for the future.  Also, an old man getting upside down on a pole is not only a bit unsightly, but its dangerous for my back!
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if this is true then we must not forget the old saying that the wise men from Oakland cali express to us many years ago! "There is something to be said about being  whipped with the right vagina it has a way of putting things in varied perspectives " lol  just saying
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Justin Bieber is visible from my front window.  My neighbor told me Justin Bieber is living in the huge new house behind mine. (picture below)  My neighbor says he knows this because Dane Cook (, who lives across the street from this house, had some hollywood party girls over and they told him how they were recently at Bieber's party at that house.

Another neighbor told me that when he and his wife were away and his parents were baby sitting the kids, one night the grandmother looked out the window at Bieber's party and asked her husband, "are they all naked?"  The grandfather hurried over and said "Wow . . . yes"

Oh the joys of the Hollywood Hills!

#bieber   #bieberfever   #bieberlove   #justinbieber   #justinbeiber   #belieber   #belieberforever   #belieber4life   #beliebersgohard   #belieberpower
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Thats funny +Dave Levine! 
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Dave Levine

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I was turned off to books by my high school education . . . But the reality is that if you stop studying, you start losing knowledge because truth is not a constant.   Tai (in this video) is a friend who recently convinced me to read every day.  You don't have to read every word but every good book can give you one gem of knowledge pretty quickly.  Its as if I can sit down with brilliant people and hear their wisdom every day.   My eyes have been opened and I have suddenly become a voracious reader!  Check out
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Meaning = Fritz Lang film. Man turned to machine. (There is a 'restored' colorized version with sound & you really ARE scared. ..)
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Dave Levine

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For a few seconds I thought this was a true story :)
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Now you have to told that things for research purpouse and with pictures and... ok just kiding with an old joke
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Dave Levine

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Youtube  shows above average "audience retention" when +Deanne Woodruff  and +Domina Doll  talk in this video, but the viewership falls when I talk . . . sometimes analytics can be brutally honest :)
This new product video quickly became one of our most popular on the site!  Great job +Deanne Woodruff +Domina Doll and +Dave Levine 

Dynamic Penis Extension
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Yes +Deanne Woodruff They are fun to do.  Maybe for our next resource! :)
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Dave Levine

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Oh yeah!  Forget about that one +Dave Levine 
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Dave Levine

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This is a product we stand behind . . .or I should say it stands behind Putin :)
Mr. Putin Sandstone Butt Plug with a coarse finish and a delicate feel.

First he invades Ukraine; next its you!

#putin   #ukraineprotests   #ukrainecrisis  
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Is it wrong that I want one?
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Its really difficult to find people who understand Google Analytics.  In my business, its so important.  I am sick of designers, marketers, and merchandisers who say "I think" rather than "the data tells me".   I am not sure if this post is appropriate for this group, but is anyone here looking for a job?
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+Shelly Thigpen I do know a lot, but I just need someone else to focus on it.  But I am not interested in hiring a company.   I want to hire an individual.  If you have any, then contact me!  ( Thanks!
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Dave Levine

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I am proud to announce our Guide to Strap-ons.

We have over a thousand different strap-on harnesses and dildos for men and women and we have customers asking - "where do I begin?"
Now we have an answer.
What do you prefer?
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Love this :)
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Selling Sex Toys at since 1995 - More info at
I have been a leader at selling sex toys on the internet since 1995 and own, but I am most known for being on Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker season 1 and 2.  
I am less known for, but most proud of creating the first affiliate program for adult products in 1996.  Although is growing quickly, most of my business is B2B; helping others make money selling adult products.

I am originally from Boston and never had much of a social life. But after moving to Hollywood in 2002, I started throwing lots of parties andI became known as "sex toy dave".  No one believed me at the time, but I would go out with 8 girls in a limo in order to find "the one".  
Eventually I found her and got married in 2010.  She is fun and we like to "party", but now we have many other interests like travel and a baby coming in October!

I am on google plus to network and have a place to express myself about my life and business.  And to interact and get feedback from others.    let me know your thoughts!
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Created the first affiliate program for adult products in 1996 and married a hot wife in 2010. Has a baby girl since Oct 17, 2012
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Sex Toy Dave
One of the largest distributors of adult products on the internet. Most business comes from our B2B services: MyFreeWebsite affiliate program and wholesale drop shipping services. We also have our own retail presence at The corporate site information is at
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