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I think he missed a split +Paul Davidson​ ?
Another fielding session last night/this morning. Inspired by @andytwb's fielding (, I wanted to see if I could break that field count.

Approx. 1 million AP total
1073 deploys
417 links
404 fields

The heavily-used anchors held between 40k-60k AP each.

1557 fields from platinum.

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Spoofers Suck
and +Ingress does nothing.

The Enlightened put up a very impressive field tonight. Alaska to Texas to Hawaii. We have no problems with how the field went up. (except that it was green) The problem is with how it was taken down.

The Texas Resistance saw the field go up and mobilized a local agent to try and get to the park before the gates closed at 5pm. He arrived just after the gates closed and watched agents, that were not there, take down the fields. There were no other cars at either of the gates. The gates were locked for the night. There is no camping at this park.

The spoofing in +Ingress has gotten totally ridiculous. When will +Niantic do something to stop the cheating? Cheaters put up their own fields, block the creation of fields by teams of real people, and take down the hard work and planning of real people.

Congratulations to the Enlightened on the field. I just wish that the Resistance was able to have the chance to take it down before the spoofers.

Tonight's Spoofers


+Andrew Krug +John Hanke +Bill Kilday +Linda Besh +NIA Ops +Pooja Srinivas +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 
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+Paul Davidson+Dan Webb​ did I say 100 or 10? Getting old :(
Kinda insane that Apple and Google get a 30% cut of this sort of revenue. It's like a realtor commission; all upside with no investment.

Granted, both companies invested in their respective platforms (and app distribution costs). But at what point does this just become gouging?

Remember: this 30% revenue is before any expenses, which are all shouldered to Niantic.

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+Dan Webb​
+GTrusted has posted an edit to their previous post, and consider this my retraction as well. The OnePlus 3 supports USB Host and Type-C DRP, but a setting must be changed to enable. Despite it not being a storage option, a user has to go to the storage and usb settings to turn this on.

Thanks for everyone who helped get to the bottom of this.

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+Dan Webb​ can make it into the Moto x look!
Putting the final touches on this One. #sneakpeek #op3 #toasted  

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Love this photo. Didn't know at the time, grave stone I was looking for was less than 2m away face down.

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my favourite picture from day trip on Saturday.

everyone is all like.. ohh epic battle.. i'm all DRAGONS MOTHER FUCKER!!!!
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