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I took some of +Dyson Logos 's dungeon geomorphs, drew a squiggly line around the outside to make them mesh with each other, with teeth around 0.1" wide.

I think the squiggly teeth are too fine; I didn't get a super clean cut, so I had to punch it out of the rest of the board, which with +Glowforge draftboard (fine particleboard), meant I've got lots of gross edges on the back side which you can't see in these photos.

Also, with teeth this fine, it's maybe too easy to misalign the tiles. I could "key" this by having teeth of different widths along the length of a tile, such that there'd be a single position where the tiles would fit together, but the easier thing to do would just be to make the teeth wider, which probably means they're going to be longer - cutting farther into the dungeon goodness.

I used pretty much the default settings - maybe I dropped the engrave settings down to a little lower resolution? As it is, 6 tiles took about an hour on the laser cutter, 90% of which was the raster engraving. If I made the teeth simpler, I could shave a few minutes off the cutting time at the end.

I want to try to get Inkscape to turn the bitmapped artwork into vectors - seems like the engraving would go a lot faster with vector art. I've vector traced bitmaps before, and I even clicked on stuff that I thought might work this time around, but Inkscape's tricky, and I didn't get what I wanted.

Opportunity for next time, though.
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I'm pretty sure this marks 2 years of me doing 5Ks - two years ago, I did the 2016 "Kirkland Turkey Trot". Scroll back through G+, while it's still here.

Today's run started off with brisk weather (see the "before" pic), but once we got going, it was fine. Really, it wasn't even that bad by the time that we started; perhaps just being next to a big crowd of people helped.

And the big crowd of people were mostly walking, back in our "corral"; this meant that we were jogging through knots of people for the first half, and by the time we got to the turnaround, things opened up some. Or, people decided to go home.

The second picture ("after") shows a time that I don't believe for us; we were in the third block of participants allowed to start (not counting the kids' fun run), which probably put us several minutes behind the first group, and I think that clock started at 9. Still, that's only a few minutes, so I also blame the people with dogs and strollers and tiny kids getting in our way for the first half. Fun, but not conducive to a personal record, if one had such a thing in mind.

This puts me at 108km for the year, event-wise. There's one more race coming up, "The 12Ks of Christmas", which will round things out neatly at 120km.

Also pictured here, "The Painkiller", a rum drink served at Cactus cafe in Kirkland. I wasn't in a lot of pain, but I like rum. Mostly I wanted to draw attention to the fact that they lit the cinnamon stick on fire, which was fun. There were bright red embers on it when the waitress brought it. Usually, the warning of "careful, it's hot" doesn't include "and it might set nearby menus on fire".

+Crystal Milam
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The plot's a little ridiculous - it's like they wanted to do 50% more than Red October, so they, I don't know, folded in Olympus Has Fallen. I don't think I saw that, so maybe I shouldn't use that as a reference. Olympus. Red October, sure. I've also seen Crimson Tide and Das Boot and seems like several other submarine movies. The creaking hull, the torpedoes that fall off their tracks, Spock getting loaded into a torpedo, no, that's not a submarine movie.

Trek VI had some elements of a submarine movie, but I'm getting afield here.

I don't mind mentioning the bits that are in the trailer - a US sub is doing what US subs did (do?), keeping an eye on the Soviets Russians, and then there's a coup, and the valiant US submarine captain needs to ride in and save the day.

Seriously, it's like an episode of Trek.

Now, just to make things more interesting, there's a squad of Navy SEALs that are in play. They're interesting, but they feel disconnected from the rest of the cast for just about the whole film.

And, if you remember James Earl Jones in Red October, "I was never here, you never saw me, the missile impacted the hull", the folks back home include Linda Cardellini, Common, and Gary Oldman. Gary Filming Oldman. Pretty sure that's his legal name, since he's in pretty much every film. I'll bet that if you look at home movies on 8mm, you'll see him in the background. Some weird property of the chemicals involved, I guess.

So, yeah, it's a submarine movie. And so, you can bet that there are subordinates questioning the orders of their superiors. And there's a fair amount of shooting and explosions ("Shome thingsh in here don't react well to bulletsh"). And I don't hang out with as many folks hooked in to the business of undersea cat and mouse as I might have, so I can conjecture that a lot of the film's ridiculous bits are made up, though I could imagine something on my list surprising me as being actual USNavy tech.

For what it's worth, the U.S. President and the one person representing Intelligence are both female roles in this film, so that's interesting. And the only character that seems to have a family is the intelligence professional (Cardellini). Seems a little weird that we need to humanize a capable female NSA agent by having her come from a parent/teacher conference, whereas everybody else in the film can just do their job.

There's no character growth in the film; you can tell what each character is going to do pretty much from their first line (in some cases, before). To some degree, this diminishes the tension of the film - the simple character does what the character will do, and maybe the other characters around worry about it, but we know what's going to happen.

One last gripe - there's a bit where the Captain is checking on the morale of the crew ("they wouldn't say it, captain, but they're terrified"), and the subordinate manages up by saying "you go on leading, and we'll do the worrying", which feels like it was written by somebody who hasn't actually worked in an organization ever. Perhaps the idea was that the senior staff of the boat would do some worrying, and the captain would focus on getting the mission done, but it still feels wrong.

If I was programming a Veteran's Day film festival, I'd consider putting this on the list, if I could get it for cheap. This is probably a better representation of the USNavy doing its job than, let's say Under Siege.
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Last night, I got to hear +Jason Lutes talk do a "reading" from "Berlin":

Jason right at the top said that he hadn't figured out a way to actually read from his own work in that sort of scenario, so instead, he talked about his own path, from Montana to California, to Rhode Island to Seattle, Wa (where I met him for the first time) to Vermont, where he now lives. He talked about his various influences, from Hergé to Spiegelman to Mouly to Marcia Lucas to Star Wars to Dungeons and Dragons to a $0.25 a week comic book habit to The Stranger.

I'm leaving things out.

Great to see you, Jason - great talk. Now I've got 600 pages of Berlin to explore.
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Mostly a picture for +Jason Lutes of some early experiments I did with making miniatures on a #Glowforge laser cutter. But while I was screenshotting my old pictures, I pulled in other stuff I made at the same time-ish.

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Using the +Evil Mad Scientist #AxiDraw and my OpenStreetMap dataset, I drew a highway map of Washington State. Compared to my previous OpenStreetMap work that I've posted here recently, I had to do a lot of work to make this draw in a tolerable length of time (pixels are fast, moving a carriage and pen takes time). I removed tiny lines, I simplified lines that had lots of tiny wiggles, and I sorted them based on a recursive quadtree sort.

I don't recommend using this map to get to Walla Walla. It's probably good for Spokane, though.
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Captain Jack's Treasure Run with +Crystal Milam

An 8k run/walk along the Sammamish Slough Trail - so super flat, well paved. The first half or so was nice weather, and then there was a brief, intense downpour. That was right as we were hitting the turnaround, so we joked about going back to the car for dry socks.

I felt like, for my part, I was pushing hard the whole time, huffing and puffing, working to go as fast as I could sustain. We did periodic sprints (note to my scrum leader at work: sprints are by definition unsustainable), jogging a little faster than our walking pace, but falling back to a brisk walk again once that burst of energy was used up.

I was impressed with how many people embraced the pirate costume theme - for my part, I had a pirate shirt, and Crystal was a mouse. I think the mouse is clearer in the picture.

According to my spreadsheet, that's 103km for me in events throughout 2018 so far, which is tracking well for my ultimate goal.

What's going to happen when G+ goes away for me to post finish line selfies? I don't know, maybe twitter / mastodon / pluspora / blog / nothing. I'll keep at this whole "fitness" thing, probably trying to maintain activity between events, maybe pushing myself to improve my 5k time. We'll see.
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Poulsbo 10k
You don't see my traditional finish-line selfie, because my phone battery died at the finish line (pbDNF).

Or, as I've noticed, once my phone battery gets below 20%, the camera app refuses to take pictures, and may well cause the phone to reboot.

I finished around 1 hour 51 minutes, which is about par for a 10k for me - consistent with +Crystal Milam and my time for Beat The Blerch 10k a few weeks ago.

The course was pleasant - run north from the waterfront park that I think of as the center of Poulsbo, along a little walkway on the edge of Victory Bay (which I recently learned was the popular name for it, in spite of the official name "Dogfish Bay" for the early 20th century. I would have guessed it might have been named Adolph's Bay before WWII, or some such)

From there, up some steps, climbing the hillside, and then East through some pleasant neighborhoods, then downhill back along Main Street, South through town, until the end of Main Street, and your only option is to go uphill for a block, before lazily following the waterfront down through residential areas between Poulsbo and Lemolo. And then, somewhere in the midst of woodsy houses, the turnaround, and back to downtown and the finish line.

I was jogging much of the first 4 miles, then I slowed down, and then my legs began to feel sore. And I was certainly huffing and puffing the whole time. I managed to finish at a jog, which always feels like a victory, but it was more painful than normal. Maybe I pushed myself too hard. Maybe I need to actually train for these things.

This was hosted by Orca Running Company, which generally does a pretty good job of organizing (and is better than one other running-event-company I could name, but won't, when it comes to website layout). With this race, they rolled out a "no cup" policy for the water stations, which means they gave everybody a reusable "hydro flask", which is a little plastic bladder that you can quickly fill with water, and quickly drink, presumably without getting water all over yourself.

So, it's a cup. Also, if you lost your flask, or if there was an emergency, there were paper cups, too.

I like the idea of not leaving a bunch of trash, or not making a bunch of volunteers pick up a bunch of trash. I'm not convinced that a plastic bladder is the right solution. I might end up buying a hydration pack to avoid having to think too much about it.
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All right, Google News, I'll watch.
Add a comment... if you're looking for yet another Mastodon friend to add to your "Toot List" or whatever.

I'll update my profile information to provide that link as well as some more corporate ways to get in touch with me. You know, one of these days.
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