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Hey, check it out - #BattleTech got nominated for "Best Strategy Game". Looks like stiff competition, but just being nominated is good recognition.

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So, +Jeremy Strandberg posted a perfectly reasonable request connected to this image that I didn't want to hijack.

Still, when I look at this image, I see fingers. Probably of a mummified Knight Templar. Clearly, a knight of an order that mummifies their saints by turning them into wasp nests.

So, Cleric-Mummy-WaspKing. May that haunt your dreams, or be part of your next RPG, or whatever.

Maybe also a lich. Up to you.

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Watching a taping of "Says You" from stereo left (the best left) in Town Hall in Seattle. This is while the teams are coming up with definitions for the word "Quanting".

My accomplishment from a large fraction of this weekend: Arguing with a frog.

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Final movie of #SIFF2017: #30 The Landing

This is in the category of the less said about it, the better - so as to preserve the viewer's experience. I thought it was really well done, and my reservations about it would spoil it, so I won't share them here. Not in my top 5 movies from the festival, but neither in the bottom 5.

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#SIFF2017 Secret Festival #4

Wrapping things up.

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#SIFF2017 #28 Lady Macbeth

Not based on Shakespeare, but on a Russian novel. Lots of beautiful architecture, lovely costumes, I liked the accent of the title character.

I was not a fan of how she went from "get out of my room" to "I would sooner end your life than have you doubt my love for you".

Also, if you were looking for some George R. R. Martin family drama without so many dragons, this might be your thing. Otherwise, maybe not.

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#SIFF2017 #27 - Escape Room

Let's take a well-trod format (see Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians") mash it up with a successful franchise that kids these days seem to like ("Saw", or was that a decade ago?), and then perch it atop a hip trendy phenomenon (escape rooms, not unique to the USA, but not entirely mainstream yet).

I had middling-to-high hopes for this when I bought my ticket, and then I saw the trailer, I was disappointed, but hoped the movie would somehow surpass the trailer.

A few things that seemed wrong to me:
- anybody who's familiar with The Tomb of Horror knows that reaching into the mouth of a sculpture is a fraught endeavor.
- the first thing that real escape rooms tell you is not to tear apart the rooms. Seems like, if the players were intended to escape, they had to do it through some fairly destructive processes.
- I mean destructive to the room, but now that you mention it, yeah, not just the room.
- "needle in a haystack" puzzles aren't even real puzzles. They're just laziness.
- the relationships in the movie seemed pretty one-dimensional, by and large. There was one pair of characters which seemed to have a backstory that actually involved more than a single sentence. But they were pretty hateful people, so we never learned about that backstory, and we didn't end up caring.

I think the coolest part of this movie was that the cast and crew arrived (SIFF premiered the film, woo) in a Tesla X with the gullwing (falcon?) doors. Pretty neat.

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Ran the "Lard Butt 1k". Not a typo, one full kilometer - once around the playfield.

And, this time I'm not hedging about finding a verb that captures participation in a walk/run - I actually ran (well, maybe "jogged") the entire distance. In fact, I did a warmup lap, which I also jogged. So, 2k of something-faster-than-walking.

It had all the usual trappings of one of these walk/run events, though it had Krispy Kreme donuts at 3 points along the course. There was a beer (and cider?) garden that was open before, during, and after the run.

Also, there was a guy in platemail, and a woman dressed up as some sort of raptor.

I just bought a magnet for my fridge and called it good.

My spreadsheet tells me that I've done 54km in events in 2017 (not counting my practice lap today). 
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