Authorship Update? Yes, say I 
This may be a bit early but it's looking to me like Google is removing authorship images from anything that looks commercial. This means most real estate websites. It leaves the author name but the image landscape has become barren.

Widespread Removal
Last Friday I think I first noticed volatility in authorship thumbnails. By this Tuesday, it was obvious that this wasn't something temporary. Today, the removal is comprehensive and widespread. If Google has I get to find you as a seller or a producer of commercially oriented websites, your authorship is removed across-the-board whether or not individual websites are less commercial or blogs only. The incognito search version of authorship is still denoted in search results but the playing field has been greatly leveled by removal of virtually all images except for people who are clearly bloggers.

Now What?
Some old standard approaches to content are in order here. Compelling titles with a call to action coupled with equally compelling description content is more important than ever because other than that, most commercially oriented search results now look awfully similar. Even with the influx of more and more authorship images and A high level of flexibility as to what goes in them, I always stuck to unique titles and calls to action in the data that ends up in search results. Now, it's more important than ever.

When Google is turned on (you're signed in) the entire game changes. Your authorship images, Google Plus posts, and visibility are transformed to those who have a connection with you via Google. The takeaway on this is obvious.

Will Author Images Come Back?
I really doubt it. Matt Cutts recently made it clear that some 10 to 15% of authorship was going to go away and that was due before the end of the year. Well, here we are. Matt also specified that web pages that were product lists, etc. were not appropriate for authorship. That accurately describes almost all real estate websites, doesn't it? I have maintained for some time that there is a downside to the effort of so many real estate website owners to replicate Zillow and Trulia with websites focused on providing home search while being weak on content. I have always felt that authorship would be pulled from these websites, eventually.

Could This Really Be Accurate?
I could be all washed up in this theory but my gut and my experience tell me that I am not. When Google has had enough, their action is usually decisive and final. Other than perhaps a slight adjustment, the bleed over of authorship to commercial websites is a thing of the past.
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