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Coolest Old Guy my daughter knows
Coolest Old Guy my daughter knows

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Evil in the world = Low Self Worth

Today I felt sad, because I learned about the hatred that led to the killings in South Carolina. This gives me reason to ask everyone to take pause and reflect upon our own actions. Without shame or guilt, let us reflect upon the harms we do.  It is…

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A Selfish Life Context

Welcome! Today I’m writing the third article in my series on “Being impeccable with my word!”, and also responding to a blog prompt from my friend Sreejit — “Going to Church”. When I was seven to nine years old I believed very strongly that there was some…

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The power of my word and my relationship with it

Welcome! In my last article I mentioned I’d be doing a series on the agreement Don Miguel Ruiz challenges us to make with ourselves, “Be impeccable with your word!– Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean.  Avoid using the word to speak against…

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Regarding Some Manifestations of Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk can be sneaky and hard to pin down because it is often driven at the level of belief; the source of the negativity is not what I’m thinking, it’s what I believe is true.

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A pic from my recent trip to LA.

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Welcome! Today I’m going to try my hand at writing a myth. My friend Sreejit has put me up to this with his latest blog prompt “DungeonPrompt”. I’m feel up to the the challenge. I present to you my myth. ——– My feet, legs, and stomach ache but I can’t…

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Working Hard to Change

Welcome! I’ve written more this week than in several months. It has been nice to be inspired to write this week. This post is from a prompt from my friend Sreejit “Hard work, what does it mean for you?”, which is such a wonderful prompt. The complexity in…

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My Mind's Eye

So I can conclude that what I see is not what my eyes actually perceive. Everything is clouded by my mind. Judgments and conceptualizations are just the last layer of mental process to be applied. Everything I “see” is my mind’s work

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RE: How do I use Fear?

Fear is a negative result of our current mental processes. "All negative thinking is based on an internal belief that we are not enough, so the correct thinking is simply to know that we are enough and that we are creations of God and love."
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