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Dave Huffman
VP Digital Strategy at Phone Surgeons | Co-Founder at Braave, Inc. | Songwriter | Hubby/Dad
VP Digital Strategy at Phone Surgeons | Co-Founder at Braave, Inc. | Songwriter | Hubby/Dad

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Tom lost his job, then on a whim, decided to finally act on a dream to travel Europe.

A successful book launch, eCommerce business, extra travels, and more's the perfect example of how taking action leads to more much good stuff in here.


#TakeAction  #Hustle #Work

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Feels good to be a present, helpful Husband, right?

It really does. I haven’t always been, but I’m getting better…and it feels great.

Here’s the thing though – as much as we think we do, we haven’t even scratched the surface of the jumbled up Hell that is the circus of our wives’ minds. Or girlfriend, or whatever.

Trust me. I’ve seen the other side. During these last couple of years, I’ve been peaking up over the fence and trying to see into her head.

I’ve been putting myself in her shoes, and man, they ain’t comfy.

Read the article:

#marriage   #relationships  

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If you’re like me, you have trouble saving money. No matter how refined I get our budget to be, there just isn’t ever enough to move over into the ol’ emergency fund account.

I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that, nothing works.

What I have really been looking for though, is a total automatic, no-hassle way to save. Someone or something that will just move the money over before I even see it or get a chance to spend it.

Pretty sure I found it.

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Ever have someone say "Don't get your hopes up..." ?

Or maybe you said it to yourself?

If so, give this a quick read. 

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As I work to bring these #endometriosis  battle stories to light, I'm continuously blow away by how similar they all mostly are. 

And, given that, how it could be misdiagnosed SO often. 

For any #endowarriors  out there, give Jessica's story a read:

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Ten years today. I can, without hesitation, say that it is better now than it has ever, ever been.

Here is my Ultimate Most Awesome Lessons Learned From 10 Years of Marriage

#marriage   #marriagetips  

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Part 1 of 2 posts this week to commemorate our 10th Wedding Anniversary. 


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Sad I couldn't be there in Vegas to help since there are 1500+ registered, but couldn't be more proud of our team.

Been an exciting first year for me with this company. 

If you're at CTIA scrollin' the G+ #SuperMobility  hashtag, give this a look. You certainly do not want to miss these workshops.

+Chris Jourdan +Phone Surgeons 

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Truth be told, it'll take longer than one week.

BUT, if you can hang in there for that first week, you'll definitely be on the right path.

Hell, who knows, you might actually turn it around in a week too. For me, the change was drastic.

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She's 32 today...and she's pretty awesome. 
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