Easing off the snark

A little sarcasm, a little mockery, a little cynicism, a little snark -- it's like a little drink, something to liven the time and provoke a smile and be sociably convivial.  

When it's your first response to everything?  Well, like a little drink, maybe it's a sign that something's wrong, because it's a destructive attitude to take, both in general and with some interesting specifics..

"Snark is the mindkiller. Sarcasm is fun and great in small, appropriate doses, but unchecked it not only alienates the people close to you—whether you care about them or not—and destroys your relationships. In the end, you wind up becoming the bad guy—that guy that thinks everyone else is so terrible and awful, all the while completely missing the fact that the problem isn't with them, it's with you."

Which can be hard to remember while you're cruising the Internet, to be sure, but ...
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