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Not their demographic. At all.

I keep seeing Bud Light ads during the Olympics touting  the Bud Light Party Cruise -- which seems to consist of cruising in the Caribbean, continuously dancing and swilling Bud Light morning, noon, and night, then getting to a beach and drinking still more Bud Light while dancing in the sun.

Words cannot express how much that is not my bag, baby. #advertfail  
Bud Light will once again be offering 5,000 Bud Light drinkers to join them on one of two full-size cruise liners that will visit Atlantis in Nassu and the private island of Coco Cay in the Bud Light ...
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Some brands rely on precisely targeted advertising, and some brands rely on mass advertising. The television networks have not implemented the capability to target their ads better - and if they did, we would probably complain about the privacy violations. "Why does NBC have to know that I DON'T intend to spend my life drinking beer 24/7?"
Which is one reason why I don't mind all those EVIL CREEPY TARGETED INTERNET ADVERTISING privacy worries that much. If some bot crawls my Google Plus profile and sees that while I enjoy beer and enjoy cruises, a cheap beer-swilling cruise is not my cuppa, and thus doesn't show me those ads, I consider that a win.

I kinda wish I could do the same thing for network TV.
As long as the information remains "the person/account likes" and not "Kevin Peno likes", I'm the same way. I like targeted advertising, I find stuff I'll actually buy heh.
So we want Like and Dislike buttons on our remotes? Hmm...
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