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Wow. It's like Comcast WANTS me to drop their service

All sorts of "tricks" to make me see alternative ads (sold to the highest bidder) when I fast forward, or rewind, or pause on a show I've recorded on my DVR? So that's considered more palatable (or profitable) than disabling the FF or REW buttons on select shows?

Screw you, Comcast. Really.

(h/t +Les Jenkins)
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Absolutely backwards approach to #advertising
Or... Comcast simply doesn't care because they probably have a monopoly on cable in your town.
Yup, +John McDonald. So it's a matter, sadly, of choosing between cable companies, but deciding whether to do without should it come to that.
We had Comcast for a while...then they started pushing people to digital cable (we didn't have) and started taking away all the channels except for you basic ones you could get with an antenna) among other things... I got pissed and went to FiOS since they had just upgraded our apartment complex for it. It is more expensive but we are much happier with Verizon after a number of years than with Comcast. When we bought our house a month ago we decided to stay with FiOS. They kinda ripped us off buy putting some of the channels we like to watch on more expensive packages...but not enough to ever want me to go back to Comcast again. I hope Verizon doesn't try this crap...seriously.
This could end up becoming a nightmare for Comcast (the cable entity) if the revenues go to Comcast rather than to the networks themselves. If you DVR "Edgy @#$%! Show" off of HBO, should the revenue from alternate ads go to HBO, or to Comcast?
A fine question, +John E. Bredehoft ... maybe they'll just do it for the NBC/Universal line of channels (for now).
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