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The Obama Gay Marriage Thang

So this week some high-ranking members of the Obama Administration came out (so to speak) in favor of marriage equality. But the presidential press secretary is continuing to dance around questions about when Obama is going to do likewise and so on and so forth.

The funny(ish) thing is that everyone's looking on it as a political strategy, well- or ill-informed. Obama's not announcing his support because he thinks it will politically hurt him! No, Obama's not announcing his support until he thinks it will politically help him! He's running scared from the Right! He's running scared from the Left!

Nobody seems to suppose that Obama just might not believe that gay marriage is right. He may be willing to get rid of DADT, and work against DOMA and all that, but supporting gay marriage per se may just be not where he's at, personally.

Which I would disagree with him on, but I would hope that if/when he does speak out on it, it's because it's a cause he believes in, not because of political triangulation.
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I agree +Dave Hill. I would like to know his true feelings not political spin. I would also disagree but it wouldn't be the first and only thing I disagree with.
As an aside, Gallup just released their latest poll on this question (if interested). As expected it's right down the middle 50/48.
And continues to incrementally increase over time.

Despite which, its opponents continue to claim the support of "the American people," even as they rush to get barriers to gay marriage enacted into state constitutions.
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