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Contorting a dead, sexy horse

Okay, I know, the whole "women's poses for comic books are completely unrealistic and over-sexed and so contorted as to defy belief" thing is so last month. But I ended up on a chain of articles, all of which were funny, outrageous, sad, and funny (again) in their own way that I had to share. Some of them come complete with Real People trying to strike those poses to show off how silly, stupid, and/or anatomically incorrect they are.

These articles mostly talk about fantasy book covers, but it's almost entirely the same conversation.

Movie posters:

Comic books:

So skip it if you're tired of the subject, but if not, some good stuff here.
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And then this happened:
Edit: link is NSFW, included because it is a photo of an actual male human with a superhero build, in a female superhero pose.
Beware all, George's link is NSFW.
You're probably right David, and that's interesting. All kinds of comic art out there lampooning that exact thing in far more detail, and that isn't NSFW, but you put up a photo of an actual guy doing female comic-book heroine pose and it needs a warning. Anyway, my bad - sorry.
George, I think much of the comic art would be NSFW if it was a photograph of a real woman. I don't think the NSFW issue is strictly a male/female thing (though in part it surely is). Rather, I think there's at least a certain degree to which the impropriety of a comic image is mitigated by the fact that it's drawn or painted rather than photographed.
Well, now y'all got me intrigued ... but since I'm at work, I'll wait.
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