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A Co worker was channeling his inner interstate trucker the other day so this persistent earworm popped back into my head.

This is a sweet cover with a video to match.

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Dave Hart

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Ikea is one the largest furniture company on Earth. It's one of the largest companies on Earth. When a company this big decides to make even a slight change to how it makes or sources its products, it's a massive undertaking. That's exactly what Ikea is doing right now--and I got an inside look at the process.
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I'd love to have of the "not so good looking" old knot wood. I bet it is beautiful and could be the centerpiece of any room with the right woodworkers touch... Instead it will be a back support piece for a pullout couch noone wants to sleep on.. Sweet
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Dave Hart

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FINALLY got the little chest of drawers done CINC Home, and a coat hanger unit for the french cleats I put up in Minion #2's room.

Now for that dresser that's been lingering FOR-ever...
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Dave Hart

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A rainy Saturday is a good day to start v3 of the top for minion #2's dresser. 
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My first woodworking project was a dresser. Not bad for first time. Top drawer needs adjustment yet.
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May have to buy one just to have so I can make my own. Ya, that's my story...
Plane Bottle-Cap Remover from Lee Valley Tools. Lee Valley offers high-quality woodworking tools (woodturning, wood finishing, sharpening, woodcarving), gardening tools and hardware to woodworkers, cabinetmakers and gardeners
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+Tom Snyder we'll see who's arrives first :)
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Dave Hart

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Morning sunshine surprise. 
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Thanks +Dave Hart​. If you ever make it to the cold grey arm put of southern Ohio, same to you!
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Dave Hart

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My new workbench...some assembly required...eventually.
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+OneCar Wood a Nicholson bench is what I have in mind. 
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Dave Hart

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Something only a dog owner would understand. 
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Woof!  ;)
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Dave Hart

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Not happy with the twist and bow in a couple of these. Gonna let them set then see if I need to make another trip to the home store.. 
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+Michael Sullivan good idea. Will check the local hardwood place to see what they have. 
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Dave Hart

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+Kevin Lovecraft​ one more for a solid trio of #tbt music...
Listen on Google Play Music
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Dave Hart

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You can't catch me...

Evening all! 
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Saw this guy at the Aragonne Brawlroom in Chicago many years ago and he was Awesome!
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Dave Hart

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Waiting for the next leg of my trip to work this morning. 
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+Antonio Borunda works for me. And I can throw a race with the best of them!
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Stopped in for lunch. Opted for the buffet. Salad bar is adequate. The pizza wasn't bad, certainly not the best I've ever had but worth the cost of the buffet.
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Always good food at great prices.
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