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Leave a comment here if you want to be in my weirdo circle. You never know what you might get :)
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Its already paid off for me...
Love ya, Dave. Ya big dork. Sign me up.
I can scream out loud if that will get me in the circle. I agree with should be served.
Hotdogs on whitebread, instead of buns! How weird is that?! (not very)
how many surrealist painters does it take change a light bulb?
I just figured since this is the internet that it was already weird stuff and I really weren't sure what I was going to get.
Are there naked people in the circle?
Sounds interesting. Count me in.
What about candy and pizza? Do we have to bring our own?
Curiosity killed the cat. Count me in!
If you are weird in a context where weird is expected then you are normal. The problem with your weirdo circle is that by becoming members we all must forfeit our relative weirdness. This is something to do with Einstein's General Theory of Weird Relatives.
I'm not going to give any reasons, you should just trust me.
Dan Zen
Sure I guess so... I was just lamenting what this would have been like in the sixties. I think the people that know me are a little more conservative than I am - or at least, they are certainly conservative with their comments - as in they keep them to themselves. Kind of sucks - but what can you do aside from not letting it get you down. So bring on the weird stuff - is it of your own making or stuff you are passing along?

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I think I might be spending some time here :)
+Dan Zen it's just a forum for sharing the kind of weird kooky shit I see on the internet. Sometimes not safe for work. Sometimes goofy.
Is this the line for the rubber chickens?
I'm down with that Dave...I can be weird at times!
Just because it sounds like an awesome circle! I wanna be in! I wanna be in!
I feel like i've been invited to G+ all over again.
Despite being a complete stranger, I can hardly refuse such an open invitation.
Sure. I'll reserve the right to request to be removed from the circle at a future date, not that I'll ever know that's how I'm seeing what you posted (vs. "That one really cool person I've never met" circle.
Am I the weirdo or will the circle be the weirdo? Who cares. Bring it.
Weird works! I'm in.
I would ask but I suspect I'm already in it.
it seems like everyone in this post is worth following
I’m a bona fide weirdo, so I want in.
Wow 94 weirdos. Thanks for identifying yourselves! :)
I've been put in weirder circles than that. :) I'm in..
I have a feeling this is going to be my biggest circle!
You should make each weirdo have three weirdos vouch for them. In appropriately random fashion.
Sdfv fdsGfg, gDfgfg fgh... hgfhfjttgfik!
You know you're dealing with a quality innovator when there are 120 people clamoring to be in his weirdo circle.
Either that or a weirdo attractor :)
One mans "Weirdo" is another mans normal life!
If given the choice "Weird" or "Normal", I feel you should chose "Weird" every time! :D
Weirdo, madness, Genius.. all the same. Count me in!
<weird>sometimes</weird> question: how will we know we get the 'weirdees' only content?
I have been trying to signal who I am posting to with something like O weirdos -- if you don't see anything like that then I'm posting to public (or maybe from my mobile phone! :)
Weird is good. I'm in.
(As long as u don't post about imaginary ponies on a regular basis :))
Count me in. Just came across your work - I think via a GigaOm link to your push/pull post. Great stuff!
Weirdo Circle? That sounds like the place for me.
Sorry what kinda weird. I am weird just not n that way u know what I mean or am just being unusual. Or weird? What ever. Hope.
Hi. I have no idea what I have to gain here, but I have nothing to lose. Big wins on a mailing list I joined years ago under similar circumstances, so here's hoping.
This may be the one place that I truly belong.
You're already in there Kai :)
I didn't realize I'd already responded to this back in October of 2011!
Did I circle you or you circled me? I think it is better to be circled than friended...which interestingly auto corrects to grounded in Swype mode
Dang..these posts are from 2.5 years ago? Lol talk about missing the bus
you're already in there too kathy
Well then I must really like you, Dave :D
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