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After an extensive investigation Samsung has confirmed that each of the 'exploded' Galaxy Note 7's where handled by the same suspect 30 seconds before the phone's catastrophic failure. The authorities have released an all points bulletin for the suspect. The suspect is known to be male and may use the alias Ethan Hunt.

Black Swan vs Birdman

1. The main characters are opposite genders
2. Black Swan was released in theaters first

1. Swan is a type of bird
2. Hallucinations?!?
3. The movie's setting is behind the curtain of a stage production
4. The main character ends up in a hospital bed by the end of the movie
5. A male supporting character is consistently inappropriate and has tendencies toward rape
6. The main character believes that they have harmed or killed another character
7. The main character stumbles into acceptance of all other characters when they embrace their mental deficiency
8. The story recycles the same scene or performance with small difference throughout the plot

Jessica Jones ep 1 & 2: minor spoilers

I watched the first two episodes. I tried to avoid any marketing material before the show aired. I'm not even familiar with the comics. So after two episodes I'm already seeing the David Tennant as Kilgrave instead of Dr Who. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are awesome as broken and unbreakable. There were a few clues which make me think that the events in Jessica Jones happen before the events in Daredevil. Jessica's apartment is one. Still not 100% about that one. The detective in me is itching for more. 

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I signed up for the Philly Mara today. The price goes up by $10 tomorrow or the next day.

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He did live long, and prosper.

RIP Spock

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The best game that I have played so far on my tablet. The achievements are done and over with well before all the content in the game is able to be played. 
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