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Googla culpa!

Sorry but we pushed a bad version of our iOS app for Gmail. More info shortly - we're working on it.

Update: Earlier today we launched a new Gmail app for iOS. Unfortunately, it contained a bug which broke notifications and caused users to see an error message when first opening the app. We’ve removed the app while we correct the problem, and we’re working to bring you a new version soon. Everyone who’s already installed the app can continue to use it.
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Can't wait. Please get one for G+ (iPad size) too while you are at it :)
+Dave Girouard Thanks! Despite some of the bad feelings from some of the talking heads of tech I think it's a sweet app and will have it gladly replace my native Mail app when the push notifications work.
Thank you for the acknowlegement, that's awesome.
+Trenton Broughton oh yeah definitely saw it. I think there is value in a native app. That being said the little mistake of pushing out a bad build was not good.
I don't understand how that can be possible…
Google's weird at times. They release a great Gmail, a horrible Google Reader, and the wrong version of an app on the same day.
im not saying anything but yeah there's a pattern forming here.....
would have been so great if it were not for the use of UIwebview ... lol common, email rendering of heavy graphic news letter is perfect with and with this "native" gmail app it's all mixed up .... common Google, make it really native
I love the labels and priority inbox and everything but we need a true native app
Why did you release a bad version? Was it a mistake selecting which file to choose (or something of that sort) or didn't tested it enough? I'm asking because it seems weird...
Well, anyway, great work and effort overall and it's great of you to acknowledge a problem. Best of lucks releasing the correct version!
I have to agree with be even minimally useful, it must contain more features (specifically, multiple accounts). Also, iOS apps that are nothing but a native frame with a web view pretty much never get used by me. They're slow & lack the polish of fully "native" iOS apps. I hope Google can improve on this app...
+michiel heijkoop Didn't know the killed those sharing features. Me personal never used them a lot. And the UI, maybe it's just something getting used to it. Only disadvantage in my opinion with the UI is a lot more scrolling to read headlines.
Jeez, what a bunch of whiners. "Very interesting", really Rizzo? How long have you been around? Never experienced a bug before? Disappointed, carelessness Eddie? Bummer dude. Go back to Hotmail.

Be grateful that the company behind the apps we use is open with its communication, that issues are being resolved.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.
the notification bug is being resolved, the fact that it's simply loading a web view is not, and it's a joke. The rendering of html email is all messed up
Dont' worry, just got a push notification from the new iOS Gmail app, it works! It says "We just activated multiple accounts" #joke #sadbuttrue
I switched to an android device and the bug was fixed.
+Robert Scoble I mostly agree, but filters is a power user feature, sorry. I use filters, but I never needed it in my app. And most userrs will never use filters to begin with.
Thanks for the application. Despite the QC problem, it's a good first effort. One suggestion: please make the word wrapping fit the screen so it's not necessary to scroll side-to-side. That will go a long way to improving the "fit and finish" of the app.
For what it's worth, a GMail account without access to all (two) of my gmail accounts can never replace the built in mail client. I was very disappointed that I couldn't add multiple accounts.
How does an iOS engineer screw up, arguably, the most important step when launching an app with push notifications? How do you screw up the code-signing and not realize it till it goes live? This is dumb for anyone, but absolutely pathetic that Google did it.

And I second David Chartier's question about why you even bothered launching a native app if it's just a thin wrapper around the web app. Does no one at Google know how to write Objective-C and build great iPhone apps? If not, why even try?
I'm also curious how this got past Apple's app approval process...
Hopefully you fix the part where it's called an App as well. It's more of a "view" of the webpage. Very disappointed.
I don't think you should bring it back until it offers a real alternative to and increased features over just using Mobile Safari.
Keep it pulled until you can post an actual native Gmail app. This wrapped web view stuff is an embarrassment. Oh, and multi-account support out of the gate is a must.

Think of it this way: Right now, iOS's pathetic Mail app is kicking Gmail's ass on the iPhone. Really, Google?
Trash. When it requires internet access, it FAILs. Heck, I can use Safari for that. Going back to native iPad mail/IMAP.
Please. You should've caught this is in testing.
boo Jay
It's not the app, it's the phone.
+Dave Girouard It's not the notifications bug that's disappointing (although good that it's being fixed obviously). It's that the app seems to be a wraparound skin for the web app. So it doesn't zip along like a native app does, doesn't update on the fly (pull down to refresh to see emails feels like something from 1999) and so on.

Whomever's idea it was to just repackage Gmail for mobile web rather than spend the time to create a genuine native app needs to go sit in the corner and think about what they've done. I've genuinely never been as disappointed by a Google product as this. Sorry.
So much moaning for something free. You still have access to mail via other methods. If you dont like something in it find an app that does more, it doesnt need omfg u suck crap look how many bugs apple have put out and how restrictive some things are, hence the use of google apps on an ipad etc anyway.
+David Robson If you think using Gmail is "free" you are sorely mistaken. - They may not be taking money out of your pocket but they are taking things much more valuable than that.
Yes, the people who inevitably drag up the "stop whining, it's free" argument never really get it.
As much as it pains me to say, Gizmodo nailed it.
Dave any idea of when the fix will hit?
Please do a better job next time.
You don't always get a second chance for a first impression.
<?=($Android ? '#FTW' : 'another #iphone user in the dark ages')?>
Just leave it down until you finish a real native app. The current native-wrapped one is pathetic.
Humbly admitting to one's mistake is a sign that Google's still got it.
It happens. While you're at it could you add support for sending from aliases though? That's the main thing I've been hoping for in a Gmail app for years.
I don't hate the app I guess i am not l337 enough to care about the wrapperness of the app. It would be nice if it did support multiple accounts. But it could be way worse.

But then again the exchange sync in the iOS mail app works great for me. On both my apps account and personal gmail.

The conspiracy theory I am going to go with is Apple knew about the bug during "app approval" and released it anyway.

And Google builds leas then awesome apps for iOS so people will move to android.
Et la gestion du multi comptes .........???? il me semble que cela ne fonctionne pas. C'est quand même essentiel non ?
I was wondering why no notifications. I agree need a Google+ iPad app as well
Well, Dave, i think one famous roman said, some years ago: veni, vedi, vici. I think Googla could say: veni, vedi, perdidi. Now you need to climb back on the horse again and start all over. And please, multiple account support would be very nice :-)
When is the updated app supposed to be released? I was under the impression that the fix would be minor, but the time elapsed would indicate otherwise.
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