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Dave Fogel
Owner of NetViper Interactive - Web Design, PPC, SEO
Owner of NetViper Interactive - Web Design, PPC, SEO

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Hi All.

I am working on a site that has considerable link building done in the past and tried to clean it up as best as possible. I think the site is good, well optimized and useful to potential customers. Nonetheless, we are struggling to rank the site well for terms like richmond movers. Sites outrank it that are honestly pretty terrible and it is very frustrating. The site is in WP and I have one blog category set up as Richmond Movers which has created a ton of internal links with a keyword rich term. I am wondering if I should change this. What are your thoughts?

What plugin do you guys recommend for a client who wants to take donations? They are currently using paypal, but they don't want people to have to use a paypal account to donate. 

I have a client that hasn't paid their bills. Anyone have a collection agency they would recommend?

Looking for some good copywriters to create some website content.  Anyone have some recommendations?

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Finished this up a few weeks ago.  In Design to Genesis done with ACF.  It was a LOT of work.  Maps were done by someone else, but the rest was all me.

We need help, our clients Google+ page is down.  Need help.

Anyone know an easy way to get gravity forms to pass variables into a modal popup?  I figured out the passing variables part, but I am not sure on how to make it work with a modal.  Gravity forms support said to look at easy modal, but I didn't find much.  Anyone done this before?

Hey All, I am having some issues with advanced custom fields plugin.  I have what I want showing up,(a testimonial) but it is outside of the Div's I wanted.  Any tips?

add_action('genesis_before_footer', 'my_testimonial', 1 );
function my_testimonial() {
$my_testimonial = the_field('testimonials');    
    echo '<div class="page-quote"><div class="wrap"><div class="thequote">';
    echo $my_testimonial;
    echo '</div></div></div>';


Just a heads up, if you update gravity forms and use the placeholder plugin, it seems to break.  Might want to wait for an update or look for a different plugin.  I haven't found one yet.
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