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Galaxy Nexus: Acquired. Turns out today is the street date for the US if you go to Best Buy. If you want one, now is your chance to get one.
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Best Buy. Go there right now.

The base cost is $749. It's $299 on contract. The CDMA/LTE version has 32gb of storage and 802.11n support (very happy about this, no one told me.).

It IS slightly thicker, but it doesn't have that same bulge which actually makes the phone's lines even more stark. Its total width is indistinguishable from an iPhone 4 for most of its length.
just called and they told me its not for sale yet :(
Thanks for the info, Im going to call them now.
Congratulation - it's an awesome phone. Got mine for a few days know and I'm still very impressed.
+Anthony Withrow, ask them to check again. Tell them the street date is Dec 11 (this changed literally yesterday, from what I was told). I got the San Bruno Best Buy to agree to sell me one before my plans changed and I went to the Colma one.
Hmmmmm I've heard that Best Buy has been telling people the 15th and their system won't let them actually ring the phone up... Details on how you got it please?
I am really curious if other people get accepted/turned-away.
+Dave Fayram I haven't called them today but I've been hearing various reports from other people who went there and tried to get it but the system wouldn't complete the transaction...
Lee, what you can do is buy a gift card for the computed value of the phone. This is how we resolved that issue.
After being on Android since October, I am going back to iPhone, arrives on Monday.
+Ruben Naal just have them figure out what you owe, then charge you a gift card for that value. For me it was like $329. They charge tax on the non-subsidized cost of the device + the subsidized cost of the device.
So did Verizon pull the Google Wallet app, or did Google insist on the phone being a pure Nexus?
+Dan Edwards, there is no wallet app pre-installed. I suspect I could sideload it though.

The thing is, and I don't really get why but... there is carrier involvement with Wallet. I have a Nexus S with ICS that runs Wallet and it doesn't matter because it's not on Sprint. Couldn't it just directly process payments through the google interface?
+Dave Fayram The reason it was pulled was so that Verizon could lock you into the payment system they are launching soon. I am treating the subject as a test if Google is going to let carriers ruin the pure experience. It's one of the reasons I am thinking of going back to the iPhone. I liked experience of the iPhone, but wanted to play with the power of Android. Love the power, don't know if I could give up SwiftKeyX, but I can't stand carrier controlled phones. Apples ability to wrangle the carriers to their will is something I need Google to be willing to do with the Nexus line. I am fine with carriers messing with other Android phones, but not the Nexus line.
No go but i look forward to your review
The delay had nothing to do with wallet. Get over it :)
+Edward Coles I am sorry to hear that. I dunno why they let me go through with it. I hate to bring false hope and wasted time.
no worries at least you have proven that it exists
I have it in my hand bit they can't ring me out what should I tell them
She's not understanding the gift card issue
And now giving it back :(
$300 with contract. Insane price. I don't care how nice the phone is. But if it's like most phones it will drop quickly.
+Dan Edwards With Android phones, as long as they're popular enough they get rooted and custom roms in no time. I had an original Droid1 and now have a Thunderbolt. Both ended up running ASOP, plain jane android.
Things just hit the fan. Post on Engadget will surely lock it up.
+Ruben Naal sorry I wasn't hearing you. Generally though what you need to do is demand to see managers and make rumbling noises about "wasting my time".

The manager at best buy mobile absolutely has the power to make your txn go through if they want to.
Just called my local best buy.. Lady said they don't have any in inventory yet.. Vile lies!
Thanks +Dave Fayram apparently district manager said not to sell it or she can get fired what sucks the most is that it was activated, I was even able to make a phone call
+bran, they had stacks and stacks at my best buy.
+Brandon Yang they're telling you lies cuz a girl told me they had 10 the only good thing is I'm getting a free case
Just called radio Shack to be added to a reserve list
my best buy wasn't dumb enough
The fact that Google wants people to use Wallet and Verizon has a problem with that... REALLY makes me think that Wallet is way better than whatever Verizon is cooking up.
Compare Google voice to Visual Voicemail. GV is free AND better.
No wonder Verizon is peeved - they're charging money for an inferior service.
I'm kind of tired of people arguing in here about how evil Verizon is being for blocking Google Wallet. Guys, everyone but Sprint is blocking google wallet right now. For whatever reason, it requires carrier participation and no one has given Google the full go-ahead.

I am not sure what sort of incompetence Verizon has mustered to botch this product launch so badly, but the insane demand for the phone should show them that they don't want to delay it past this week. Look at how much fervor has been kicked up over this silly little G+ post! We made front-page on the Verge, for chrissake.

Aside: I wish I had chosen a more–ahem–dignified photo to put up now that I am getting Big Internet Media Exposure.
Dude its the internet, the chops are awesome!!
Dude. Verizon wants to sell their crappy Razrs and Rezounds instead of the Nexus for more profits from bloatware. Duh. That's why this launch was so horribly botched.
+Alex Seibz , I suspect Verizon makes more money off the Galaxy Nexus than the Razor, given the costs.

I really question the idea that bloatware makes them a lot of money.
I think they're delaying it because they'll sell more Droid Razr's without the Google Nexus on sale next to it. Samsung will sell more Galaxy S II's (just as they're now starting to run good ads) without the Google Nexus on sale with another carrier. Verizon wants to sell the Droid Razr because some of their bloatware can result in extra revenue streams for them. And maybe (just maybe) Google wants to give the Droid Razr some breathing room, since they will soon own Motorola.

The real Android fans will wait for the Galaxy Nexus either way. So perhaps it's just a better business decision to hold it and delay delay delay.
they're trying to sell the rezounds because it's been selling like shit.
+Dave Fayram Regarding the profit stream from bloatware, don't assume that all customers are as savvy as you. Verizon Navigator is $10/*month*, and you can activate it on accident. That's a real revenue stream for Verizon. Text plans cost more, even though text on Google Voice is free (admittedly, it sometimes doesn't work very well).

Think of somebody who doesn't know anything about smartphones beyond what they saw in a 90 second local television news segment on phones as holiday gifts. This person goes into the Verizon store, says "I want a fast phone that I can also use instead of a GPS in my car." If the salesperson has been well-trained, s/he will sell that customer an LTE phone with Verizon Navigator already activated.
Very nice sir, thanks for posting this. Verizon stop cockblocking this phone, no one wants the razor
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