Ingress First Saturday on July 1st in Dresden, Germany

Results for Dresden:
Level Ups: 1
Total AP Gain: 2,034,486
Total km walked: 41
Controlfields created: 359

Results by Faction:
388,485 AP gained by 4 Resistance Agents
1,646,001 AP gained by 13 Enlightened Agents

On July 1st, 17 Agents from both factions met for the monthly #IngressFirstSaturday on the Postplatz in #Dresden. During the one hour of playtime and competition they gained a total of 2,034,486 AP and walked 41 kilometers.
To celebrate these achievments, the best agents in the categories Level Ups, Trekker and most AP Gain had the chance to win one of the awesome FirstSaturday-Pins provided by +XMSwag. Also the player with the most Controlfields created within the one hour was awarded with an Mind-Controller Pin provided by +Maria Kühne.

Those winners are:

Level Ups:
@Wursteintopf (L15 -> L16)

Top agents by ΔAP:
RES: @AZ0815 +160,043 AP @Crytix +152,357 AP
ENL: @Delorion +365,469 AP @Oskarsuschi +281,085 AP

Top agents by Trekker:
RES: @D4veEv4d +6km walked
ENL: @damdina +5km walked

most Controlfields created:
@Delorion +149 fields

ENL Agents that participated:
@MarkAurel, @Hiajen, @OscarPetermann, @damdina, @nightshadowdd, @Wursteintopf, @zschippy, @Delorion, @Wuuusch, @Schneelchen, @Oskarsuschi, @Miantomo, @Schlossknacker

RES Agents that participated:
@guteKatze, @Crytix, @AZ0815, @D4veEv4d

Faction Leads (Orga):
RES: +Dave Evad
ENL: +Madina Gast

Thank you all for joining us today!
And a big thanks to +XM Swag for again providing us with the awesome Pins as prices and +Fev Games for the support !

See you in August, Agents! :)

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