Welcome To Android Apps.

Like Most Other Communities, We Have A Few Guidelines For All To Abide By When Posting......

Because The Translator Feature Doesn't Always Work Within Browsers Or The Google App. We Ask That All Posts/Replies Be Written Using The English Language. Any Posts/Replies Not Written In English, Will Be Deleted From The Community.

The Android Apps Community Is Not A Community For Posting Selfies, Photo's Of Your Family/Loved Ones, Photo's Of Your Favourite Scenic Location, Or Simply Any Photo's. The Community Is Also Not A Community For Posting Your Religious or Political Beliefs. Any Such Post Added To This Community Will Be Deleted, Along With The Username

Guidelines For Posting A Favourite App Or Game That You Use/Play, Or Are Promoting An App Or Game That You Have Created.


1. Select The Appropriate Category Before Posting.

2. Include In Your Original Post, A Brief Description Or Details Of What The App Does, Or How To Play The Game.

3. List Some/All Features Of The App Or Game.

4. Let It Be Known If The App Or Game Is Completely Free, Free For A Limited Time, Or If It Is A Purchase Only Item.

5. Be Sure That A Link To The Download Page Is Also Added Within The Post.

6. Only Direct Links To Google Play Are To Be Used. 

7. When Posting Updated Versions Of Apps Or Games. Also Include The Original Description And Features.

8. Post Just One App Or Game Promotion (Or Favorite), Every Two Weeks.

Do Not's.......

1. Do Not Post Download Links That Are In Blogs Or Shortened URL Links.

2. Do Not Post "Shared Posts" From Other Communities.

3. Do Not Post The Same App Or Game Post In Succession.

4. Do Not Post Multiple App Or Game Promotions In Succession. Only One App Or Game Each Day (24 Hours).

5. Do Not Post Anything Related To "Illegal" Apps Or Games.

6. Do Not Report Apps/Games Bugs.

7. Do Not Ask For Help With Solving Any Apps/Games Problems.

8. Do Not Ask For App/Games Beta Testers.

9. Do Not Post Lists Of "Top 5 Apps Or Games", Or "Best Apps Or Games".

10. Do Not Post Videos Without Giving A Description (In Text) 
Of The Subject. 

11. Do Not Disable Comments In Your Post.

12. Do Not Post Apps/Web Pages/Blogs/Etc That's Purpose Is For Users To Make Money.

13. Do Not Ask To Exchange Reviews.

14. Do Not Ask For Five Star Ratings.

15. Do Not Include Long "Lists" Of Hashtags In Posts.

Reviewing Apps Or Games : Reviewing Any Apps/Games Must Be Done Within This Community, Not Linked To Any Web Page/Blog. Include In The Post The Download Link To Google Play. This Includes Any Video Reviews Being Posted. Only One Review Per Day (24 Hours).

Apps Or Games Requests : Looking For A Particular Type Of (Legal) App Or Game? Please Give Details Of What You're Looking For, Including Any Features You Need.

This Community Is Only For Android Apps Or Games. Any Postings Of Promoting (In Any Form) Personal/Company Web Pages, Blogs, Social Media Pages, Communities, Selfies. Or Anything Non Android Apps/Games Related, Will Be Removed. Anything Regarding To New/Old Devices, Hardware, Or Any Tips/Tutorials Regarding To Devices, Device Operating Systems, Hardware, Apps/Games, Will Also Be Removed.

If You Have Downloaded Any of The Apps/Games Promoted Within This Community, And Find That There Are Any "Bugs" Or "Problems" With The App/Game. Please Report Them To The App/Game Designer/Creator, Using The Available Email Address On The Google Play Page.

If The Above Guidelines Are Not Adhered To In Posts. Some Posts Will Receive A "Reminder Reply" Asking To Re-Read The Guidelines, And Edit The Original Post Accordingly. If No Post Editing Has Been Done Within Five (5) Hours, The Post And Username Will Be Removed From The Community. Other Posts Such As Listed In Previous Paragraph, Will Be Removed (Along With The Username) From The Community Without Any Kind Of "Reminder Reply".
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