Shared publicly  - This is an awesome camera comparison video. Will I get the new BMCC? No, at least not for a couple of years. I'll explain why in a blog post.
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Most of that is due to more than 8bit/channel in video mode, and that's why I shoot pictures in RAW using my T2i but would love to have the 14bit also in video mode ;) unfortunately the H.264 hardware encoder in DSLR's is not prepared to use more than 8bit/channel even though the H.264 standard alows for it and some new TVs also accept it via HDMI (called deep color or something like this) I'd love to see future OLED screens using more than 8bit/channel and cameras come standard with higher color depth hardware encoder. At some point I was hoping the Magiclantern guys could make it poossible from RAW to video, but the most they could do is HDR video (shooting 2 pictures with diferent exposures for 2 consecutive frames and then create the right frames out of this via post processing software)
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