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Dave DeBaeremaeker
Geocacher, explorer, resident alien. Live blogging my autobiography.
Geocacher, explorer, resident alien. Live blogging my autobiography.


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I Love Rock'n'Roll

Playing with some new lights to add some energy to a rock show, \m/ 0,0 \m/

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Are You Ready To Rock?!?

I am. Are you?

This is one of the figs from the Ninjago Movie collection. I immediately added him to the band, and took his promotional photo.

#rocknroll #music #lego #ninjago #toyphotography

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Signup on the original comments.
for the Photography Scavenger Hunt!

Don't know what that is?
It's an amazing game that has turned into so much more.
If you love photography, and you have a camera,

Simply type "*I'M IN*" in the comments & fill out the Google Form here:
and the first 350 people to sign up will be entered.

After sign-ups (after I get everyone organized & invited to the community) there will be 3 posts:
#1 post will be a PARTICIPATION POST
#2 post will be RULES & EXPECTATIONS
#3 post will be HOW THIS ALL WORKS
THEN you will get an item list - 7 simple things to take pictures of.
This process should all happen by the end of tomorrow latest.

It's up to you to make your picture stand out!!
It's so much fun!!
You will have 8 weeks to get the photos done.

You do NOT need to be a professional shooter.
You do NOT need a fancy camera.
You do NOT need to feel any hesitation on your skill level,
as this group of Scavengers is the most supportive group of people I have ever known.
This is just FOR FUN.
This will get YOU to use your camera in ways you might not do otherwise,
It's to push you to try new things,
learn new techniques,
join a group of like-minded people who will encourage you
and teach you sooo much!
Basically, this gives you a fun excuse to take pictures you wouldn't have otherwise!

During the course of the round, you will make friends,
You will have support and be encouraged and be a part of the best community on G+.
You WILL be welcomed and surrounded by wonderful people
who WANT you to watch you succeed and surprise yourself!!

SO, if that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of...
All you have to do is type two simple little words, "*I'M IN*"
Fill out the attached Google Form and you will be registered.

IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP SOMEONE AS A PROXY (if someone has asked you to sign them up) do so on different comments. (don’t worry about the form if you are signing up as a proxy for someone)
And there NEEDS to be G+ account linked to that name.

Only ONE PERSON per comment, if there are more than one on a single comment, only the first person will be entered.
(This is the only way we can keep track of the 350 spots.)

PLEASE DO NOT comment on this post unless it is to sign up.
Any stray comments will be deleted.

PLEASE DO NOT sign up unless you actually want to participate,
not just because you see everyone else doing it.
And with that let the registration BEGIN!!

The example below was from our "Zig Zag" album.
These are 9 examples from extraordinary photographers who participated. Images by +Bernd Markgraf, +Kathleen Kent, +Jenn Camforth +Cathy Custer Donohoue , +Stephen Maddox, +Heather Szarka, +Bette Kauffman , +Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin , +Amy Diaz

So just type I'M IN, fill out the google form here:
and you will be included.

After 350 comments are in, comments will be disabled and work on entering everyone will begin. If you are within the first 350, you will be hearing back in the next 1-2 days (it may even be today!) and be invited to join the 21st Round Scavenger Community. Good luck!

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X-Wing Over Hoth

The rebels were operating from Echo Base for almost a year before the Empire found them right after the opening crawl of Episode 5, so this scene likely happened. I can't prove it tho... but pictures don't lie, right?

#hoth #starwars #LEGO #EmpireStrikesBack #RebelAlliance #XWing #ToyPhotography

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#JoinInDaily by +Johnny Wills

Today's theme is "places of work"... however I work in a secure location where otherwise friendly security folk get grumpy when the camera comes out, so this is a shot of my bike at the front sign at the entrance, taken during my first snow commute.

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501st Legion. Vaders Fist. Elite Imperial Stormtroopers. Snappy dressers, and glowy-visor aficionados.

Update: I got a new macro lens, so you folks get a new image. This is a LEGO minifig helmet, aside from some minor cleanup, was taken in a single image.

What do you think?

#LEGO #501st #StarWars #Stormtroopers #toyphotographers

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