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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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While checking out the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, I noticed they had a "Selfies With The Sharks" competition. Challenge accepted!

(Shame the submissions are Twitter only, else I'd actually submit this to the contest)
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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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Where am I? East of the Rockies, west of the rest.

Hat tip to +Paul Howard​ for the location info.
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I see, thanks +Dave DeBaeremaeker 
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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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Steel workers high atop the Manhattan skyline take a much needed break.

This was my "Architecture" shot for the 17th round of the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt.
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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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Rockin' Hells Gate on the Fraser River in British Columbia.
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Old uncle, u r looking too energetic...
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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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Posing for self portraits can lead to some fun #AutoAwesome videos.
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Looking like Brian Blessed there :-)
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Have him in circles
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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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Toronto. True story.
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I love the colors here!
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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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Heading under the falls, shooting blind.
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+Jacqueline Johnson Not this time. I have in the past and found it underwhelming and not worth the money.
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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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A #Jawa  scopes out the scene, hidden as a garden gnome in a flower bed.

#StarWars @Monet @Impressionism  #AMastersTale  #Funny
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That cool bro
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Dave DeBaeremaeker

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#AutoAwesome'd river on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.
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Thanks +RICARDO MARTINEZ​. Also, you taught me a new word, so bonus!
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