Have you guys bought +Brian Brushwood's new book? Scam School Book 1 is out TODAY! If you think you may want to buy it, and c'mon, why wouldn't you….. then do it today. We're trying to scam Brian's book to the top of the Amazon best seller list in one day. Today it's like $4.99. The regular price is 9.99. So seriously, why wouldn't you?!?! I mean, really!

I totally played with it a couple of weeks back. He's done a fantastic job on it. It's choc full of magic tricks, bar tricks and fun. He's written out all the steps, shows pics of them, has freak'n audio commentary on them and video showing the trick being preformed… It's a bloody amazing book. THIS is what ebooks are made for.

Be sure to +1 this and share it around. Let's get our boy to the top of the Amazon best seller's list!

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