Best pic I've seen ever of The Lincoln Memorial !´╗┐
Honest Abe - Lincoln Memorial - Washington, D.C.

I had a great time last night walking around and taking pictures with +Brian Matiash, +Dustin Bess, +Dave Veffer, +Jacob Lucas, and some of the other SmugMug crew. We all met in front of the Washington Monument and then ventured over towards the Lincoln Memorial.

This is my first visit to Washington, D.C. and one thing I've noticed is that everything seems so much larger than I imagined. The Washington Monument is extremely tall, Arlington Cemetery seems to go on for miles and miles, and the statue of Abraham Lincoln is massive.

As we all approached Abe, we noticed there was a tour group consisting of teens/tweens that had just arrived. They were scattered all over the place and we all thought we wouldn't be able to get a decent shot of Lincoln.

Fortunately though, the statue of Abraham sits about 9-10 feet off the ground. This allowed me to set up my tripod and should over the heads of all the tourists. (Oh, and it seemed to be a tripod-friendly area.)

I took 3 bracketed shots from -2 to +2 at ISO 400 to help speed up my exposures a bit. I quickly tonemapped my shots with Photomatix Pro and then performed the additional post processing with Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5. (The plugins I used were Viveza 2, Sharpener Pro, Topaz Adjust, PhotoTools and Color Efex Pro.)

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