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Hi, I’m +Dave Cohen, technical lead on Google+ Photos.

We’ve been listening to your feedback and, as of today, you can download full size photos! When viewing a photo in the lightbox photo viewer, click Actions. If the photo owner has allowed downloads, you will now see an option to Download Photo.

If you don’t want viewers to download your photos, click the gear icon on the top right corner of this screen, go to Google+ Settings ( and uncheck the Allow viewers to download my photos checkbox.

Thanks & please keep the feedback coming.
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Great news! Keep up the amazing work guys, I'm loving it here more and more!
Cool! I just noticed that one. Keep up the good work!
Wow, I'm glad you added this feature. I had actually used this earlier today without realizing it was a new feature. Its a logical improvement. Thanks for implementing it!
Thanks for this much longed-for feature.
So about the slide show?
This is fantastic, thanks! I'm almost positive I saw this feature veeery early on in the closed field trial. Was it something you were toying with back then and have now refined and rolled out or am I imagining things?
Man you guys are in high gear! Thanks for the great feature!
+Dave Cohen Thx for this update. Quick question. Does this setting overwrites the Picasa setting ??
Couple of quick questions.

1) Does it download the original, or just what's displayed?
2) Can you change this per picture or per folder in Picasa?
I imagined/hoped that this might have been brought in as an opt-in rather than opt-out feature, but certainly a needed feature.
+Graeme Go Perhaps so.. but I think if you look at it from the perspective of the average user; photographers are more likely to care if someone downloads their photo (whereas someone who just snapped a shot and posted it is more likely to be flattered as opposed to expecting it to provide an income), and more likely to change a default setting (or even to think of checking to see if there is a setting).

So I can see where from Google's perspective it makes sense.

I do think that Google might do well to take a few common settings, particularly regarding sharing, and throw them in as questions available to answer when first coming in to Google+.

Given that by default, photos uploaded are not visible to anyone, and that you have to choose to share them, from that perspective it is already opt-in to a degree. The changing of the setting is just letting you 'opt-in-but-not-all-the-way-in' as it were.
Thanks everyone!

+Dirk Heindoerfer It's the same setting as Picasa -- so it will stay in sync in both sites.

+Tim Holmes It will download the largest available size. If you've uploaded through Google+, your photo is downsized to 2048 and doesn't count towards your storage quota. If you upload via Picasa Web, it will maintain the original size and may count against your quota. At the moment, the setting is either on or off. If you think finer-grained control would be useful, make sure to use the 'report feedback' link to get your request counted.

+Graeme Go The fact is if your photos are shared online, a savvy user will be able to download them. This feature just makes it harder or easier depending on which settings you choose.
This is fantastic! I am noticing some discrepancies between performing tasks within google+ and performing certain operations to albums in Picasaweb. It would be great to hear what the intent is for the future of picasaweb and it's role in integrating with google+... Great work guys!
Bring on Google Photos 4.0 soon enough! :P
+Howard C. Shaw III your totally right mate. I digress, was perhaps a bit quick to jump on that one.

When features are added a system notification might be better practice. Some users may not necessarily notice the changes as they are implemented.
just need mobile phone update now so we can d/l to phone on the go
Yeah. Google needs some kind of a notification system for people who might/are not follow Google developers or people who might reshare these type of posts on their streams.
Thanks a lot for the response, +Dave Cohen.

Just occurred to me that those who post a lot of photos that some could include their kids as well as pictures of the Grand Canyon. Might not have a problem with somebody downloading and using their Grand Canyon pic as a desktop wallpaper, but would have issue with their kids image being downloaded.

Just an example, and of course there's always a way around those specific blocks, but that was the main thought I had. I'll mull over the idea and submit feedback later. Thanks again!
don't post pictures of your kids online


select the circles who see the pictures
I think this is where facebook in particular has been going really wrong in the customer relations department.
Great feature.
Now it would be great if we can comment with a picture (insert a picture in the comment box).
Please change it so that it doesn't automatically default to allow photos to be downloaded. But other than that, cool!
Good! Now an option to download an entire album, just like in Picasa, would be really great!
+Graeme Go I will go with you so far as this: Given that the option was not available when photos were first being shared, it should have been set off for all albums already shared. Of course, this would require a per-album override of the global option... which frankly, would also be a good idea.
Though I suppose it is possible that a per-album setting is already available in the Picasa side of things? I don't know enough about Picasa to guess.
Next, I think google+ should do something to make viewing videos a greater experience than it is on other social networks
Allow for downloading at a certain resolution, rather then original size please.
would be so cool if you could zoom in on photos too
Allowing full res downloads by default is backwards. Please assume photographers want to have control of their photos unless the choose otherwise.
+Mike M., +Howard C. Shaw III As far as existing uploads are concerned, we're not exposing anything more than an easy way to access the the photos in Google+. Users were already sharing ways to access full-sized photos (see the comments here: and you could always go download a copy from Picasa Web.
Tony Ng
Can we get a full screen view mode? Especially for when captions are too long and there's no room left for the photo!
I'd like to +1 the photos from a person's profile in there photos tab
Making the background of the image view white or at least transparent would be GREAT for viewing paintings. I don't like the black background at all.
+Dave Cohen Morning Sir !
I use ipv6 sever to update photos.
But I feel uploading speed very slow.
And in China we can't use ipv4 host to use google+ beacuse of GFW.
Can you find the way to get uploading speed much more faster?
Now, could we please get full size upload with Insant Upload in G+ Android app?
+Dave Cohen

This is great, thank you so much. It was really beginning to bother me that I could not download certain pictures that friends had taken of me. I just didn't know who to talk to. I have a lot of Google+ people circled in a circle. I will add you. It is nice that you show which department you work in.
Thanks again.
Thanks for the tip. This is going to be handy and will help us view better quality pictures in its full glory.
+Dave Cohen it would be great to be able to set a creative commons license on our photos so that people who download our photos know what they can do with them.
Feedback: Besides downloading, it would be nice if we could also have an option to view it in its native/uploaded resolution instead of having to download it first. It may cause some bandwidth issues if everyone decides to view it at high resolution, but it is still much less than YouTube.
Feature request: For photo sharing between friends and family, it would be great to have "copy to my album" in addition to download. I know lots of people who like to squirrel away photos, and copying would save them lots of down/upload time.
This is awesome +Dave Cohen Nice work to you and the team! Sharing is caring. :)
Thanks for the update. I have been waiting for this update for some time. There is another thing I wanted to ask. Is there any way to +1 a photo?
Why cant we share a single photo to our circles from the photo viewer. Is there an easy way to share a single picture from an album.
Thanks for all your feedback! Remember to use the 'send feedback' link in the bottom right to make sure your voice is counted!
Feature request: We should also be able to upload photos directly from Gmail into Google+.

The previews have links for 'view' & 'download'... why not 'post to Google+'?
Great - thanks! Good privacy implementation too.

Bump Douglas Podesta's request for an app update
i still think it would be nice for G+ to go the route of having the default off when introducing new features so the user can choose whether to opt in or not, unlike fb, especially since this is everyone's gripe w/fb and wouldn't it be nice if G+ distanced itself from that?!
So, when can we upload images larger than 2048px again to Picasa (or Google Photos as it will be called) ... ? I got tons of 10,000px panoramas I'd like to put up but can't anymore :(
This setting should be available on album level (and of course not be "hidden" in the global settings, this is too much the direction FB did it wrong already). Otherwise nice one!
Nice one, but please make chosen licensing clearly visible on G+ too. Right now you have to go to Picasa to see if photo has "all rights reserved" or are under a Creative Commons license. Ideally I think it should be told when people choose "Download photo".
+Dave Cohen it made my day to see you announce my most awaited Google+ photos feature.

That aside, I agree with +Yuko Chitani that being able to copy a given picture to your album would be handy for the user and convenient for Google's servers, since it would allow to host a single file instead of multiple ones.
Thanks for all the feature requests. I can't comment on upcoming launches, but they're all great ideas!

+Benjamin WL I don't know if we do anything special with the indexing, but the tags will certainly come up in your searches.
Allowing downloads seem to be enabled by default. I'm certain some people would have preferred it to be disabled.
Most people don't, though. And those who would are more likely to actually change their settings.

I'm happy with it being opt-out.
Thanks, because there are some pretty Awesome Photographers on G+ and pretty good regular Folk Shutterbugs too +Derrick Tatum
Hi Dave thanks - any chance of a photo download on the android app? Ian
cool, but how can I share one sincle pic. from picasa photo via android phone?
You are doing a great job @google Thank you...
Don't know if this question was already asked:

Would it be possible in the future to set the download permissions on a "per photo", "per album" or maybe even on a "per circle" basis? This would give the user a more granular controle of what he would like to promote for free and what not ;-)

Besides that: Great feature
Kick ass. Now, please add the ability to crop photos. That would be huge. KUTGW
I'm surprised no one have asked for "GPS" (Google Photo Shop) yet :)
I back a proposal by +Tim Holmes to allow per-picture or maybe per-album settings allowing to download full-sized photo. I think it would be a must for professionals.
(Will send it as a feedback immediately.)
I think being able to download an entire album would really be helpful. That is a feature that isn't easily found on the web, and something I need several times/year if not every month.
Nice feature, but would like to see the same for videos as well. Would also like to see entire album download.
Thanks, we've needed this for a while. Now we need to be able to download an entire alum, or at least select multiple photos at a time, like some have mentioned.
Thanks! Great job to the team!
As a long-time SmugMug user, would like to request
1. ability to do this per photo & album, and
2. ability to fully edit / organize album (for some albums I only see them in G+ and not Picasa so not sure what to do here)
I would like to upload one photo at a time. Right now, I have to create an new album in Picasa and discard it after I move the photo to a new album. I don't want to overwhelm my circles with too many photos at once.
i agree slide show and download full album are features that families and friends would like
Since the new 'creative kit' was pushed out, it appears that the 'actions' menu above has been renamed to 'options' and has been moved left to a different location.
+Ian Batterbee In the newest version of lightbox, there's a 'download full size' option in the lower left options menu.
Hi all, i have a curious problem because the download for some pictures is not allowed (no link in the option available). Hopefully i am not totally wrong here to post this problem ;-) But for feature request: complete download of the full album would be very fine. Keep on moving this nice stuff :-)
Some additional info: some pictures in one album with setting allowed to download
Istvanne Veronika Petri- fotó alapján mindenki szimpatikus, kár hogy nem értem az angol nyelvet, idő hiányában nem olvastam el.
+Dave Cohen, I might be a little late to reply to this post.. I have selected not to allow users to download my photos, but then there are some photos I would like to allow download for. Is it somehow possible to allow the download of selected photos or maybe selected albums?
+Marko Haatanen Right now it's all or nothing. If you'd like finer-grained control, please use 'send feedback'!
If I share an album by link only people I send the link cannot download the photos in original size. It does not show the options button. If I share it with everybody then they see the options link. Is there any solution for this? I have download photo option set in my profile.
Hello Olcay, same problem for me. Hopefulle Dave Cohen will helpm us :-)
I have taken few pictures of a friend with my camera when we both went for a trip. I have uploaded those to my Google Plus photos, now I want him to be able to own the pics. I cannot transfer the album to him. The only option I have is to allow downloading of pictures and ask him to download. But this creates all my pictures downloadable.
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